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Digital Label Printing Is The New Norm

By Ian Renton | Colours for Labels, Digital Label Printing, Label Material Types, Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Printing - Miscellaneous, Label Printing Processes, Machinery for Label Printing, Trends in Label Printing | 23 Jun 2020 |

Twenty years ago, almost all product labels were printed on offset machines but today digital label printing  is the new norm. This is because the two …


PMS Colours For Your Printed Labels

By Ian Renton | Colours for Labels, Label Printing Processes | 12 Jul 2016 |

It was only 25 years ago when all labels were printed using artwork, film and plates. A lot of labels are still printed this way. It is called offset la…


The Importance Of Colour In Label Printing

By Ian Renton | Colours for Labels | 21 Jan 2016 |

Most companies involved in label printing will print your labels in colour but will not assist you with colour choices. It is not their job. They are pr…

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