Security on Labels

Security And Brand Protection Labels

Rentons Labels’ QR Code-based security solutions mean a simple smartphone scan can help identify a potential counterfeiting attempt. By protecting your products against adulterations and counterfeiting, you can reduce liabilities and increase your brand revenue.

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Codes & Pages and Reporting Portal

Rentons Labels will create unique codes for every label or packaging using our secure portal. Once scanned, customers will be taken a custom landing page designed in our intuitive editor. Every scan will provide valuable real time data.

Rentons Labels will provide its customers with a comprehensive reporting portal complete with a dashboard, user log, single and multi-product reports, report export facility, scan details, inspector log and custom reports.

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Overt Security Solution

Our Overt solution is based on advising customers to scan a QR code. Based on the number of scans, location and a combination of other factors, customers can confirm authenticity in real time.

Overt security is great for consumer confidence, providing them with real time answers on product legitimacy.

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Covert Security Solution

Our Covert offering is designed to drive consumer engagement and create brand affinity. Customers are encouraged to scan and enter competitions, watch videos, play games, complete form submissions, engage in social media and access valuable information.

With a covert solution, the customer is not made aware of the security feature. Upon scanning (if the product is potentially a counterfeit) the brand owner is automatically notified. This empowers them to take quick action to remove counterfeit products from the marketplace without harming their brand’s reputation.

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Personalisation & Customisation 

Personalisation and Customisation can be used in tandem with Security and Protection labels. We can make each label unique from the next, with a QR code or numerical code to identify each unique label. 

Talk to us about how we can help tailor this to your brand, whether its for a promotion (find the right QR code and win!), or for security reasons, custom label printing has never been easier. 

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Other benefits of Rentons Labels product security

Protect your product against parallel trading. When exported items, produced for a specific country are scanned in another country automated warnings can be activated for brand owners.

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Manage product recall. Every batch of QR codes generated can be attributed to production date or other milestones. Brand owners can change messages across entire batch of codes ensuring your customer information is always up to date.

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Create customer engagement by running competitions, linking to custom games, product review sites and other interactive activities. 

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