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Australian Custom Wine Label Requirements

By Isabella White | Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Design Tips, Packaging Labels, Colours for Labels, General, Blog | 30 Jan 2023 |

Australian Custom Wine Label Requirements

Isabella White  | 30/01/2023 

In order to sell wine in Australia, your label must comply with certain requirements. This can be a daunting task, but we're here to help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Australian requirements for labels for wine bottles. 

Mandatory requirements for Custom Wine Labels

Wine label requirements in Australia can vary depending on the region and type of label being used, but it is essential to be aware of these regulations when label printing. Custom labels should almost always include information such as allergens, alcohol warnings, product descriptions and country of origin. Companies that specialise in label printing such as Rentons Labels should be able to provide advice on any local or industry-specific regulations to ensure compliance with Australian laws and regulations or to point you in the correct direction to provide you with the most current and relevant information. Noting these regulations from the outset saves time and money when taking custom labels from ideas to production. 

Common mandatory elements labels for wine bottles in Australia must include are:

  • Volume
  • Pregnancy Warning 
  • Name and Address
  • Alcohol Content
  • Name of kind, for example, Pinot Noir, etc
  • Country of origin 
  • Standard Drinks
  • Lot identification, the way you form this is not set and you can utilise your own method of identification
  • Allergens

This is a list of information we have found however it's important to do you own research as rules may differ state to state. For finding the most up to date information, we recommend looking at government websites such as food.authority.nsw.gov.au however its important to note, that this website is NSW specific and things may vary in your state. 

The name and address of the producer, as well as the country of origin

Knowing the name and address of the producer, as well as the country of origin of a bottle of wine, is crucial for customers looking to purchase a quality product. Without this information, there is no guarantee that customers will be receiving a genuine product and could therefore not be sure about the wine's taste or safety.

The name and address also let customers assess a higher level of transparency in production, meaning they can have confidence in the practices and standards employed by the winery that produced the particular bottle. Furthermore, transparency about where the wine comes from allows for better communication between producers and consumers – with more contact details available, customer inquiries can be attended to more efficiently. All things considered, while this is a mandatory element, it's clear why having a named producer and country of origin is important when it comes to creating safe and enjoyable wine experiences.

Alcohol content, the vintage year, and why it matters for labels for wine bottles

Including information such as the vintage year and alcohol content on labels for wine bottles can help provide customers with an enhanced tasting experience. Customers can look at the label to determine how old the wine is, letting them know if it's a young or aged variety that they are drinking.

Although this is a mandatory element, it can also be beneficial for your customers. Customers may prefer lighter wines over heavier ones, so knowing how much alcohol is in the bottle before making a purchase is important. Furthermore, having this information on custom labels allows producers to abide by any labelling regulations that are applicable to their state or country of operation. In providing accurate information, custom packaging labels also helps to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for customers when consuming wine.

Consider the international regulations if you're exporting your wine

Exporting wine to different countries can be a great opportunity, opening up the potential of a much wider customer base. To give your wine a better chance of succeeding in reaching out to new customers, custom labels that comply with regulations in the destination country are essential. Compliance with regulatory standards helps give assurance to consumers of authenticity and conformity to country laws – allowing them to trust in your product quality and safety.

One way to make things easier if you're exporting your wine is to create a common front label, and then a unique back label which differs country to country in accordance with their regulations. This way you can order your front labels in bulk, lowering the cost, and then separate batches for your back labels as required.

Don't forget special instructions, such as storage or serving temperature, on your labels!

When it comes to designing custom wine labels, special instructions and information can easily be overlooked. These instructions, such as those related to storage or serving temperature, are essential for the enjoyment of the wine - which is why we highly recommend including them on your labels for wine bottles! By taking the extra step to include this useful information, you can rest assured that your customers will be able to appreciate their wines as intended!

Ultimately, creating labels for your wine yourself is more than an achievable task but its important that as well as looking great, your custom wine labels meet all necessary legal requirements. Having the right information on your label helps customers have a safe and enjoyable drinking experience, while also helping you to meet any government regulations. With this knowledge in hand, it's time to get designing and start creating custom wine labels that are sure to help your business succeed!

Good luck and happy labelling!

Isabella White  | 30/01/2023 | Label Printing - General Knowledge,Label Design Tips,Packaging Labels,Colours for Labels,General,Blog
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