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Maximalist Label Designs: Bold Trends in 2023

By Isabella White | Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Design Tips, Packaging Labels, Colours for Labels, General, Blog | 20 Feb 2023 |

Maximalist Label Designs: Bold Trends in 2023

Isabella White  | 20/02/2023 

If you’re an avid reader of this blog as I'm sure you all are, you’ll remember our 2023 trend predictions, where we talked about the rise of maximalism in design. Now, this trend isn’t totally going to erase the stronghold minimalism had on us for years but it is growing, and here are a few labels we’ve loved recently that have encapsulated this with their whole heart. 

Coffee Labels that wow with Doubledouble

First up, DoubleDouble, a Western Australian company making waves with their coffee packaging design. Each blend has its own personality, from the orange and blue Jazz Club, with its funky type and easy viewing, to the red and olive Avant Scene, with text that wiggles across the panel. We love the clash of colours within each blend and the personality each shines through. The experimentation of typefaces, combined with the clashing of colours makes an engaging case for refined maximalism. 

Simply Nuts, with a Where's Wally like Product Packaging.

Simply nuts, a milk alternative brand we’re loving for their bright and bold packaging design. Though they’re sadly not users of beverage labels, we still think their design is out of this world and worth the mention! We love the jungle designs on each package, the cartons are illustrated with such precision the designs look almost collage-like. Each product features a different animal as its mascot, and a jungle design behind it blending in with the habitat. Overall, the bright colours, combined with the detail of the illustrations make for a maximalist dreamworld, that's both natural and extreme. 

Rascals Brewing with a Māori inspired Beer Label

The Bruce’s and Betty’s brews from Rascals brewing in Ireland are our next favourite, with colourful illustrations inspired by Māori art. Taking inspiration from the Māori art of whakairo carvings, their illustrations feature punches of colours combined with intricate linework. We love their connection to community and to culture, and when you peruse their website you can even see the Māori inspired motifs featured in the can art. The designs are maximalist, bright, bold, and powerful with a connection to New Zealand culture that shines through every element of their design. 

Big Easy's Kombucha Beverage labels

Big Easy’s Kombucha features a bottle label which pumps personality into every inch of its funky label. Each label features the key ingredient boldly illustrated in the centre of the label, a contrasting colour punching behind it. The text is equally playful, with typefaces that look simultaneously hand illustrated and digitally created.

The labels are bold yet refined, we love the differences between each variation that still look cohesive together. They’re eye-catching and sure to stand out on the shelf while not being overbearing or overwhelming. 

Drink this Wine, a funky typographic Wine Label

Special mentions go to Drink this Wine, with a wine label that’s as maximal as it is refined. Its typeface appears almost mischievous, and we love the details hiding inside the letters. The two tones of the label keep it refined, but the text taking up the entire label keeps it bold which we love. All in all, this premium wine label stands tall as one of our favourites, and one of yours we’re sure too. 

Isabella White  | 20/02/2023 | Label Printing - General Knowledge,Label Design Tips,Packaging Labels,Colours for Labels,General,Blog
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