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By Isabella White | Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Design Tips, Packaging Labels, Colours for Labels, General, Blog | 3 Apr 2023 |

Waterproof Labels, are they worth it for your products

Isabella White  | 03/04/2023 

Waterproof labels are an essential for certain products, but are they for yours?

Waterproof labels are made of a stock that has greater durability making them ideal for products exposed to moisture (such as with custom wine labels that could develop condensation in an ice bucket), or with internal products that might damage your label (like essential oils!). Read on to learn some of the benefits of using waterproof labels, and whether they're going to make a difference for your products.

What are waterproof labels made of, and who needs them?

Waterproof labels are an essential item for any business who's products contain or work with liquids and moisture. Made of PP or Polypropylene, synthetic materials allow labels to be extra durable and waterproof from any elements which may damage your label. We have different options depending on the kind of durability you're after and what products you need them for. 

For example, if you're after labels for a product that might come in contact with water, (such as beer labels or wine labels which might produce condensation), we have paper based labels which have a special backing to product against this. If you need something more durable, for example if you need cosmetic labels or essential oil labels, or other similar oil based products we would suggest a stronger, synthetic based label with a laminate coating on top to provide extra durability.

Are waterproof labels really worth it?

Waterproof labels are absolutely worth it, even in the cases of products which aren't necessarily coming into contact with water. They are made of more durable materials providing greater protection from general wear and tear as well as well as their additional water resistance.  We have waterproof labels which can affix to a range of different product surfaces, just ask us and we can help you find what's best! 

Not only do waterproof labels look professional and represent your product in a high-quality way, but they protect from tampering and wear with their durable design. For any product that needs to remain intact and free from water damage, waterproof labels are an excellent solution.

What sort of products might need waterproof labels?

Waterproof labels are more important than many people realise. They protect a product from water damage, thus preserving its quality, longevity and integrity. Many items require waterproof labels, such as wine labels, olive oil labels, beer labels, and bottle labels. In addition to these common products, there's an endless list of other objects that need waterproof labelling: edible goods like jam or honey containers, cosmetics bottles, cleaning solutions, medical supplies and more. Investing in waterproof labelling for these types of products is essential to ensuring the items remain safe from harmful liquid exposure that might damage the look or feel of a label.

What do you think? Are you sold on waterproof labels for your product? We think they're an absolute must for businesses and products which are at-risk of damage through exposure or their contents. Whether your product is outdoors or at risk of being underwater, getting a waterproof label is crucial to protect the quality and integrity of your product information. Additionally, because they can have an additional laminate coating, you can trust that your waterproof labels will stay undamaged for longer.

If you're looking for high-quality waterproof labels at an affordable price, contact us today! We can help you choose if you need waterproof labels, and if so, which are the best fit! 

Isabella White  | 03/04/2023 | Label Printing - General Knowledge,Label Design Tips,Packaging Labels,Colours for Labels,General,Blog
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