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Our experienced team of graphic designers have an acute understanding of health care labels and the relevant legislative requirements. If you choose to use your own graphic designers, we recommend they follow the five rules for packaging design to make sure your product labels stand out

Ensure Your Health Care Labels Comply With Government Regulation

Health Care can be split into three categories when it comes to products. Firstly, it is your diet and the food you eat. Secondly, it is vitamins, supplements, tablets and other medicine. Thirdly, it involves products outside of your body such as sunscreen.

Firstly, when it comes to labelling food, the best place to start is the Food Standards Code. This contains rules relating to ingredients and nutritional information.

Secondly, the rules for vitamins, supplements and similar products come under the umbrella of the Therapeutic Goods. Administration which is part of the Australian Government’s Department of Health. Refer to this web page.


Thirdly, The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has this government website as the starting point for laws governing sunscreen and other cosmetic products. The ACCC has rules for anything that comes in contact with the external part of the body including the teeth and mouth with the purpose of cleaning or protecting the body or altering the body’s odour.

Selecting The Right Stock For Your Health Care Labels

With over 50 years of experience in labels, we understand that it is important to select the right label stock. You will get expert advice with regards to the right label material type. This includes but is not limited to paper labels, synthetic labels, clear labels, foiled labels and uncoated label stocks. The ease of application and the environmental impact of these stocks are just some of the considerations our team will go through with you to ensure your product has the right label.

Apart from advice for your label design, labelling laws and the most appropriate stock for your health care labels, Renton’s Labels will also provide you with the following:

High quality labels printed on state of the art label printing machinery.

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You will also enjoy a no risk transaction as you are protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee subject to Terms and Conditions.

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