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As a supplier of food supplement and nutraceutical labels, we understand the challenges facing this industry. From label design to the printing of your labels, you can receive a complete solution. Let us play some part in helping your business sell more of your
nutraceutical products.

With over 50 years of experience.

With more than 50 years’ experience in producing high quality labels in Australia, you can
get unparalleled advice and support for your nutraceutical labels.

The Right Nutraceutical Labels Help To Increase Your Sales

Whether you are a long time supplier of nutraceutical products or are just beginning to expand, the right nutraceutical labels will help to increase your sales. You can let our graphic designers help you get the best labels for your nutraceutical products.

Recommended Stocks For Your Nutraceutical Labels


  • Paper – This is the recommended stock for nutraceutical labels.
  • Synthetic (Poly Propylene) – used if you are worried about damage to the label when the label is exposed to moisture.
  • Silver (Poly Propylene) – a foiled effect is a third option to help your nutraceutical labels really stand out in supermarkets and other retail outlets.


  • Matt Laminate – creates an elegant and smooth finish. A laminate coating will protect the printing on the label from exposure to the surrounding environment. A varnish is another coating that is often used for machine application of the labels
    since the liquid coating is not as thick as the laminate coating.
  • Gloss Laminate – this shiny or semi reflective finish can help to make your nutraceutical products stand out on shelves.
Make Sure Your Nutraceutical Labels Are Compliant
There is debate about whether nutraceutical products should be treated as medicine or food. Hence, before designing and printing your nutraceutical labels, you should seek advice and also visit these two government websites.
Firstly, you should study the website of the Therapeutic Goods Administration at the Australian Government’s Department of Health. Click on the link below to get an idea as to whether your product is a medicine or a food.
If your product is categorised as a food, then this website is a good source of information.

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