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Beverages can be supplied in cans, cardboard containers or even kegs but commonly beverages are supplied in bottles.

As a supplier of bottle labels for all types of beverages, you can have confidence in our experience in printing bottle labels. From graphic design services to samples to label printing, Rentons Labels provides the complete solution.

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With over 50 years of experience.

With more than 50 years of experience in producing high quality bottle labels you will
receive the very best advice and support to help you sell increase your sales. Let us play a vital part in helping you sell more of your products.

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The Right Bottle Labels Can Boost Your Sales

The right bottle labels can boost your sales whether you are a long term producer or just starting out. You can use our graphic designers to create or revamp your designs in order to get the very best labels so you can sell more of your products. 

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Get The Right Stock For Your Bottle Labels


  • Paper – This is sometimes used for bottle labels. It is more common when your bottles are stored at room temperature and spillage of your product will not affect the label itself.
  • Synthetic (Poly Propylene) – This is commonly used when strength and durability of your label are important. It provides protection from moisture including ice and spillage as these are waterproof labels.
  • Clear (Poly Propylene) – another option to label your bottles. This allows your customer to easily see inside the bottle while still providing a waterproof label solution.
  • Silver (Poly Propylene) – this stock can create a foiled effect so this is another option to help your bottle labels stand out. Silver labels will also be waterproof as they're a Poly Propylene base.
  • Uncoated - with the right backing uncoated labels are sometimes used to create a premium look. These stocks are often seen on wine bottles.


  • Matt laminate – creates an elegant, sophisticated and smooth finish. A varnish is a similar option and is common for labels that are machine applied.
  • Gloss laminate – this partially reflective stock helps your product labels to stand out

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When you get bottle labels from Renton’s Labels, you receive:

High quality bottle labels printed on state of the art label printing technology.

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The speed of these machines helps you to receive your labels quickly so you can meet tight deadlines. Also, it means our prices are often lower than many of our competitors.

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There is no risk to you because you are protected by our 100% Money Back
Guarantee on all of our bottle labels subject to our Terms and Conditions.

High Quality Label Printing Sydney
from Your Trusted Advisor in Labels

Get Your Labels Printed On The Right Stock and Designed To Increase Your Sales By Up To 25% As We Did For Peter At The Sultan’s Kitchen.

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Rentons Labels is a Sydney based Label printing company who offer custom label printing solutions. They specialise in packaging labels, wine labels, and beverage labels and produce all their labels in Australia.

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