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Celebrate the festive season with these labels we love

By Isabella White | Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Design Tips, Packaging Labels, Colours for Labels, General, Blog | 15 Dec 2022 |

Celebrate the festive season with these labels we love

Isabella White  | 15/12/2022 

For the most festive of months, we wanted our label wrap up to feature some of our favourite labels of the past few years which have taken a moment to rebrand for the holidays. From Gin to Soda, these drinks will get you into the festive spirit in no time.

Get into the Christmas spirit with these sweet spirit labels - Stockholms Bränneri

Our first pick comes from Stockholms Bränneri with their Winter Negroni and their Rosendals Trädgårds Gin. Both labels are shockingly simple yet beautiful, centred around funky typography and simple illustrations to give off a festive feel without becoming a caricature of themselves. The Negroni features cursive, fine line work, and red all over to match the contents of the bottle in a beautiful tie-in. The Gin keeps with this theme, with simple illustrations of pieced apart apple trees and sweet red berries. The colours all complement one another, with yellow flowers dotted around the label for a festive touch. 

We love the spacing at the bottom of both spirit labels where they can fill in the blend, the Alcohol %, the batch, and the bottle number, meaning one set of labels can last them hundreds of batches! It's a creative way that can allow you to order custom labels which stay relevant and useful for an endless time. 

Warm up your winter with these festive brews - King Canary

Next up, the Winter Wing holiday special from King Canary Brewing Co in the US. Featuring a festive winter scene illustrated with soft colours and decorative dots, their Ginger Chai blonde ale is quite the delight. We love the typography which looks as though each letter has been stamped on by hand, and the colourings which add a subtle festivity. 

A label with painterly features, its illustrations bring together our idea of a very North American Christmas in the sweetest way making it an easy favourite beer label for us.

You'll be Soda-lighted with these Soda labels - Jones

Jones, an American soda company, is known for releasing festive flavours year round, from their Turkey and Gravy flavour to celebrate Thanksgiving, to the Nightmare Before Cream soda for the holidays. They have two sets of Christmas sodas, the first with punny names based on Christmas films like Home Alone and Die Hard, and the others featuring caricatures of festive characters like elves and snowmen, 

The film based labels are quite fun, festive without straying too far from their branding, wrapping fairy lights around their logo but otherwise keeping them in line with their regular labels, only adding funny festive photos and names. These come with a few variations per label allowing you to “collect” all the designs. The character labels are more like a festive takeover, with Jones the Elf, Narwhal the Croc, and Frosty AF taking over the entire label. These are much more playful and are a fun stand out from their regular labels. We love that they have so many variations of festive bottle labels, and we love the punny labels tying in with the characters. 

I Cann't believe how great these labels are - Cann

Our final selection for a festive label is that from Cann, an American Cannabis beverage company. Their regular lineup includes premixed non-spirit cocktail cans, but for the holidays they unveiled Cranberry sage. The drink inside is burgundy, making the light mint coloured line-work illustrations fantastically festive. Overall, it shows off the versatility of using a clear label, making the product inside as much of a statement and a feature as the design itself. 

Special Mention - Forêt Noire

Notable mentions go to Foret Noire with their Philly Sour Griotte with its tricolour illustration that emulates screen printed designs. We love its speckly designs and the different typefaces used which all fit together without overcrowding. 

What did you think of our holiday wrap up? Have these sweet labels inspired you? Rentons Labels can help with all your custom label printing needs. With decades of experience in label printing Sydney, we're here to help with your product labels, packaging labels, bottle labels, beer labels, and more.

Isabella White  | 15/12/2022 | Label Printing - General Knowledge,Label Design Tips,Packaging Labels,Colours for Labels,General,Blog
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