Product Personalisation & Customisation

Personalisation and customisation of your labels is a proven strategy in connecting with existing customers and attracting new ones who may feel saturated, frustrated by intrusive ads and struggling to differentiate between brands. 44% of consumers have admitted they will switch to a brand that offers a personalised experience.

Personalisation backed by Data

HP, our strategic partners analysed 45 million plus social media conversations across the globe. Results pinpointed the real potential for increased sales and loyalty through personalisation.

With our significant investment in software and hardware, Rentons Labels drive engaging personalised campaigns with incredible speed to market for a solution with proven record in increasing sales. See how Nescafe executed their successful campaign using technology available at Rentons Labels. Download the case study here.

Customisation with Purpose

A recent study by 5W Public Relations highlighted that 21% of Baby Boomers say buying from brands that share their values and ideologies is important. With Generation Xers, this number rises to 50%. And with the Millennial generation, 62% of those surveyed believe buying from companies that support their own political and social beliefs is important.

With customisation of your labels, Rentons Labels can help create purpose behind your brand. See how Amarula achieved success with their campaign protecting endangered elephants. Download Amarula case study here.

Customers now buy from brands that represent
their individuality and values. With personalisation
& customisation of your labels both can be achieved

83% of consumers are willing to share their data to enable a personalised experience

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40% of marketing leaders say personalisation has had a direct impact on maximising sales in direct to consumer channels

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50% of consumers admitted they were willing to pay a premium for a customised product or service.

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