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Custom labels with typography that wows

By Isabella White | Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Design Tips, Packaging Labels, Colours for Labels, General, Blog | 20 Mar 2023 |

Custom labels with typography that wows

Isabella White  | 20/03/2023 

We talked about maximalism recently on this blog, with one thing we noted being how many of these funky labels had great typography that helped them shine. Typefaces can make or break a design in our opinion, so below are some we think were really made by their great type choices. 

Feel the summery heat with Crèma Colada's warm Spirit Labels

Crèma Colada’s pineapple and coconut label will make you think of summery days no matter the season.

With a warm colour scheme and a typeface that's simultaneously nostalgic and modern, their packaging is overtly reminiscent of sunscreen. Even their promotional content matches this, with the Alcohol content pasted to the side as if it were an SPF value. We especially love the sticker-like pineapple icon that’s haphazardly placed on the label, with other signifiers like vegan also spattered around the bottle at random placements. The label itself when broken down is ultra simplified, but it's one that shows what a difference an interesting typeface will make to the tone of the product as well as the feel. 

Feast on Hurly Burly's fun Food Labels

Hurly Burly’s food labels show that a simple typeface can make a standout label with a strong colour choice. Their range of healthy cabbages feature a white wraparound label with 'Hurly Burly' repeated in two tones that correspond with the colours of the food inside. The smart design allows the title to seemingly endlessly repeat, creating a fun play that allows you to read the word across on one line, or to follow the colour and read it across two. It’s a smart way to inject a little playfulness into the label, and we love how something so simple can hold such strength.  

Stressed out? Give Ruuts a try with these soothing Bottle Labels

Ruuts are a stress reducing, mind boosting tea with a minimal label that lets its funky typeface speak for itself. The design features a muted, gradient background channelling its inside contents with its groovy brand name sitting atop, the typeface of which represents just how laid back the brand's tone of voice seems to be. We love how such a simple label can pop with the use of an interesting typeface, and the throwback to design of the 70’s in the type, and colour choices. 

Look deeper into Devaneio de Velhaco's fascinating Beer Label

Devaneio do Velhaco’ (Old Rogue’s Daydream) push the envelope in their beer label. Visually stunning, the label features a blog of text. From close up this text is innocuous and legible, but as you step back and view the label from afar, an image appears. The typography on the label screws together, flowing into folds that reveal a screwed up face with surprising clarity. It’s a fascinating and unique rethinking of typography in design, creating a beer label that's incredibly unique.

The brand typically brews their beer in small batches which change in style and flavour from brew to brew, as such this large label is constant, containing the company details, with a smaller neck-tag that is printed and assigned for each unique brew. We love this way for a smaller company to print great labels in a cost effective manner, while still allowing a method for them to identify variances between different batches. 

We love Phils Finest funky Food Labels

Phil’s Finest shows that a simple label steps up to the plate when combined with some fun colours, simple illustrations, and great typefaces. With a different bright colour assigned to each product and an illustration on each side showing the meat and fruit/vegetables inside the product, the labels are straightforward yet fun. Having a fun, bright label designed with only black and a single colour can often be a tricky thing to achieve, with these food labels however, the simplicity is one of its greatest assets, the strength of the Phil’s Finest logo pushing it to the next level with its eye-catching typeface.

Isabella White  | 20/03/2023 | Label Printing - General Knowledge,Label Design Tips,Packaging Labels,Colours for Labels,General,Blog
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