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Promote Your Free Range Eggs with Compelling Labels

By Ian Renton | Egg Labels, Food Labels | 4 Apr 2018 |

Promote Your Free Range Eggs with Compelling Labels

Ian Renton  | 04/04/2018 | Egg Labels,Food Labels

If you sell eggs that qualify as free range, then you must advertise this with free range egg labels.

The most basic requirement of successful advertising is to always lead with your most compelling benefit. This is why your egg labels should highlight that your eggs are hatched from free range hens.

I must admit I am a little biassed here. My family is not a big consumer of eggs but once a month I get a dozen free range eggs from my local fruit shop. When it comes to food, price is not the contributing reason for my purchase. Instead, I am interested in healthy food and safe food and where possible, Australian food. It is up to you as a marketer and a label designer to pander to my tastes as I am sure I am not alone here.

Recently, there has been a lot of publicity about free range eggs. In fact, Mick Molloy and other comedians have hit the radio airwaves this year to campaign against caged hens and in effect campaign for free range eggs. You can find out more here. http://www.animalsaustralia.org/features/free-hens-from-caged-cruelty-radio-ads.php It is not often that an entire industry gets a free kick like this but your free range eggs are worth promoting and that starts with well designed egg carton labels.

When designing your labels, you have a big advantage over other products because your egg carton labels will be much larger than other labels. This allows you to be creative when it comes to designing your labels as you have so much room to include the benefits of your eggs. This is important as your labels are there to serve one purpose and that is to sell more eggs both now and into the future.

In fact, when it comes to your free range eggs, you can definitely increase your sales by having better designs for your printed labels. However, as with all food labels, there are constraints and the following factors should be considered when designing your labels.

  1. Standard information such as quantity, weight, name, description, use by date, storage advice, your business name and address.
  2. Legal Requirements
  3. Barcodes

Once these ideas are taken care of, then you can work on your design which may include images, certain colours and appropriate fonts.

Make Your Egg Carton Labels Stand Out From The Crowd

If you want to make your egg carton labels stand out from the crowd, then it is worth adhering to the five rules for packaging design to make your product labels stand out. They are:

  1. Be clear and simple. Always think of your customers. Make your design and message easy to understand.
  2. Be original. That will help your label and hence, your eggs be remembered. Research how other foods are labelled and then come it with something original in your design.
  3. Be honest. Never claim something that is untrue. It is just not worth it and you are likely to be caught out one day and that could signal the end of your business.
  4. Allow for product variations. Most likely you will sell a dozen eggs in a carton. Perhaps you will have a carton to sell half a dozen eggs. If you sell to cafes, restaurants and other heavy users, then you may want to package your eggs in larger volumes.
  5. Be benefit driven. If your eggs are sold in a supermarket or other retail outlet, then you are likely to be competing with other egg producers. You have literally just a few seconds to attract your customers and prospects to your eggs. You need to articulate the benefits of your free range eggs succinctly on your labels.

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