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Get The Right Stock For Your Egg Carton Labels

By Ian Renton | Egg Labels | 19 Sep 2019 |

Get The Right Stock For Your Egg Carton Labels

Ian Renton  | 19/09/2019 | Egg Labels

It is important to get the right the stock for your egg carton labels because the rough surface of the egg cartons may cause problems in adhering the labels to the surface of the carton. From a label printing perspective, there are two types of egg carton labels. Some labels will stick on the top of the carton only whereas other labels will go down the sides also.

For these labels, a special shape is needed. On the front side of the egg carton, the label can cover most of the side but for the other side that portion of the label must be shorter so as not to interfere with the holes so the carton can be easily fastened shut or opened. It does mean for short runs, it is more economical to digitally or laser cut your labels to avoid the cost of a die. However, you should check with your label printing company about what dies are available before engaging the services of a graphic designer. The actual design and size of the labels can impact the stock that is most suitable for your labels.

You have many label material types to choose from for your egg carton labels. If your labels are just going on the top of your egg carton, then we recommend a paper label with a laminate coating. A paper label is sufficient as the adhesive is still quite strong with a paper label and liquids are unlikely to be spilt on the label.

Secondly, the labels do not need to be very durable as they only need to last about six weeks. The laminate is recommended as many of your customers will store your eggs in the freezer. The laminate protects the printing of the label from moisture.

Test The Stock For Your Egg Carton Labels

It is important to test the stock for your egg carton labels especially if the labels go down the sides of the cartons. For this situation, it is possible that the paper label will not stick to the sides of the carton. A lot depends on the quality and cleanliness of the cartons. If in doubt, a synthetic stock with an aggressive adhesive should also be tested as this will be more likely to stick to rougher surfaces such as that provided by egg cartons.

Synlite is our preferred brand for such synthetic stocks with very strong adhesive. The other thing that makes the label less likely to stick to the egg carton is the thickness of the label. If the paper plus laminate label is not sticking to the egg carton as it should, then it is best to also reduce the thickness of the label by replacing the laminate with a varnish. The varnish will still offer some protection to the printing of the label. As it is a liquid, it is thinner than a laminate and may enable the label to bend more easily so that it sticks well to the longer edges of the egg carton.

Next, your egg carton labels should allow for the expiry or best before date. You do not want to go to the trouble of printing different egg labels for each expiry date. You need to find a way to get the use by date onto your label. A permanent marker is one such way. Another way is via a stamp. You could also print onto the original labels by a thermal transfer method. In that case, a special matt varnish suitable for thermal transfer label printing machines is recommended.

Get The Best Design For Your Egg Carton Labels

To get the best design for your egg carton labels, the starting point is always the size of your label. Egg carton labels are one of the largest labels we print so you have the advantage of ample room for your design. You will have lots of room to include your selling points, your brand and nutritional information.

Conversely, the disadvantage is that egg carton labels are more expensive because they are larger. If you sell free range egg labels, then this point should be highlighted on your labels through the use of images and text to emphasise this selling point. Ensure that you comply with the regulations for free range egg labels.

If you choose to have your egg carton labels large enough to go down both sides of the egg carton, then your designer will need to take advantage of both the front and back of these sections of your labels. Strong branding and weight could be highlighted on the front whereas nutritional information is best suited to the back of the label.

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