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Ensure Your Product Labels Are Straight

By Ian Renton | Essential Oil Labels, Food Labels, Label Material Types, Product Labels, Uncategorized | 28 Oct 2020 |

Ensure Your Product Labels Are Straight

Ian Renton  | 28/10/2020 | Essential Oil Labels,Food Labels,Label Material Types,Product Labels,Uncategorized

To present your products in the best possible way, you must ensure your product labels are straight. Whether you apply your labels by hand, use your own label applicators or outsource the application to a bottling company or similar organisation, then presentation is vital.

The recent improvement in digital label printing technology and the use of the internet means that smaller businesses can compete strongly against bigger players. No longer do you need to print labels from your home printer because digital label printing is affordable today. Also, you can sell products successfully without using the largest retailers. There are many ways of finding your target market.

The application of your product labels is one thing that often gets overlooked. If you are starting out or only selling a small number of products, then you probably have no option but to apply your labels by hand. I cannot provide any secret formula to doing this accurately. Just take your time and start with one edge until the label is fully applied. One thing that will make it easier for you is minimise the number of different bottles or containers. If you sell your products in multiple flavours or sizes, then it is important to keep costs down when your product labels have multiple sizes and designs.

As your business grows, then you can think about applying your product labels through the use of a small machine. Once you get used to the machine, there is no doubt your labels will be consistently straight. I suggest you do your own research as to what machine suits your product. Here is a link to one option.

There are other options and you should research those options thoroughly, see whats best for you.


Advantages Of Using A Bottling Company To Apply Your Product Labels

The best way to apply your product labels is to use a professional bottling company but there are limitations due to the container you choose. Not every product lends itself well to machine application. There are two advantage of using a bottling company. Firstly, your labels will be straight. Secondly, application is fast and this helps you to get your products to market quickly.

If your products come in bottles then you will have the choice of using many bottling machines. Many bottling companies will also fill the bottles for you. If you are a larger company, then you may prefer to buy your own bottling equipment. It is not likely that your product labels will be printed in-house so it is important to advise your label printing company which one of the eight roll directions for product labels applies to you. Most likely, it will be Roll Direction 3 Outside right edge leading or Roll Direction 4 Outside left edge leading.

If you have a label at the front and a second one at the back, then your labels could be applied separately or they may be applied at the same time. If your front and back labels are applied to your bottles at the same time, then a special die may be required and the labels will have a common gap to enable the labels to be applied by machine. The stock or more importantly the glue must be strong enough to adhere easily to the bottle but not be so strong that it sticks to the bottle too quickly and does not wrap around the bottle as it should.

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