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When you sell your products commercially, you need a reputable label printing company like Renton’s Labels to ensure your product labels are always of the highest quality. Our high quality and prompt delivery make our company the logical choice for the labelling of your products.

You have spent money on a good design and also chosen colours to suit your brand so you must have high quality labels. Renton’s Labels has state of the art digital label printing equipment that will really make your labels stand out at markets, on a supermarket shelf as well as in your customers’ homes. That is really the job of a good label printing company. We print labels to help you sell more of your products.

The graphic designers at Renton’s Labels can also help you get the best designs for your product labels. If you need help with designing labels that will sell, then please call us. Don’t over-complicate things. Keep your labels simple.

You want your labels to attract the attention of shoppers whether they are browsing online, walking down a supermarket aisle or visiting a local store. Also, once a sale is made you want your label to be outstanding so it will help to get you repeat sales.

Choose Different Stocks For Different Product Labels

Custom Cupcake Product Label

Not all products require labels. For example, breakfast cereal is stored in a sealed plastic bag inside a box and marketing and branding and ingredients are all printed on the cardboard box.

However, there are thousands of products in supermarkets that require labels. This includes most beverages and cosmetics products. Labels are used most of the time except when goods can be stored in cardboard packaging. Sometimes, printing can be done directly onto the packaging as in dried fruits or nuts but this is only cost effective if print runs are very long.

If you sell your products in short runs, then most likely you will need labels for your products. Before printing your labels, you need to organise your containers. This could include bottles made of glass or plastic, jars, tubes or any other plastic container.

The label stock you use will depend to a large extent on the product you are selling, how long the product is kept, where it is stored and whether it is going to be machine applied or hand applied. For a detailed summary of the most common label stocks and their uses, refer to this web page:

Will Your Product Labels Be Hand Applied Or Machine Applied?

If you sell your products in short runs, most likely your labels will be hand applied. You will need to manually peel the label off the backing paper and place the label onto the bottle or other container. As you sell more of your products, then you could buy a label application machine or even employ a bottling company to apply your labels.

Renton’s Labels provides many product labels for machine application. There are several ways that labels can be printed that will enable your labels to be easily applied to your bottles. When applying your labels by machine, a varnish is typically used as this works better with machinery. A laminate covering is preferred for hand application of your labels.

You must consider the direction of the labels and the gap between the labels.

Below is a diagram of the 8 standard ways to prepare labels for machine application. If you are unsure which roll direction you require for your labelling machine, you should check the specifications of your machinery or contact your bottling company.

Custom Label Roll Directions

Your Products Labels Must Be Legal

When selling product labels in Australia, you must be compliant with Australian law to protect consumers in Australia and overseas. There are laws governing food, cosmetics and importing and exporting. At Renton’s Labels, we are not qualified to give legal advice but we can make it easy for you to do your own research. Here are some useful sites.

  1. Food Standards Code This includes laws on listing ingredients and nutritional content for your food.
  2. Cosmetic and similar labels
  3. Labelling for imported goods

Do You Need Barcodes On Your Product Labels?

If you selling your products in a supermarket or other retail outlet then you will most likely need to apply for a barcode. There are several companies that will provide barcodes for you. Most of our clients choose this business.

When you have a barcode, it is important that your product labels are printed in the highest quality. Renton’s Labels has the highest quality label printing machinery available to ensure your barcoded labels are always of the highest quality.

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When you order from Renton’s Labels, you will receive assistance with your label design, links to labelling laws and recommendations on stock for your product labels. You will also receive the following:

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