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Add Foil To Your Product Labels Without Paying For It

By Ian Renton | Product Labels | 19 Jun 2019 |

Add Foil To Your Product Labels Without Paying For It

Ian Renton  | 19/06/2019 | Product Labels

Did you know it is possible to add foil to your product labels without paying for it. Let me explain in a few moments. As a supplier to the small business sector including businesses in their first year of operation, we need to help their products stand out without breaking their budget. We all want the highest quality product labels on our products without paying too much. As a small business owner myself, I understand the dilemma. Like you, I need to sell as many of my products as possible and cannot afford to compromise on quality. I also need to control my costs of production. At Renton's Labels, we are interested in helping you get started or better still, grow your business and that means presenting your products in the best way possible. I always stress that you need the very best graphic designers to design your product labels. A good label design is important but what is more important is how that design is depicted on your website, in your store and ultimately on the shelves or fridges in your clients homes. That is how we can help.

Two Different Ways To Give Your Product Labels A Foil Look

There are two different ways of giving your product labels a foil look. Firstly, by a foil look, I mean a shiny or metallic look, commonly referred to as foil. The two most common foils are silver or gold. These colours cannot be reproduced by a mixture of cyan, magenta, yellow and black, the four primary printing colours. You can get close but the chart of PMS colours will not include silver or gold. They are classified as metallic colours. Anyway, the traditional way of adding silver or gold foil or other foils for that matter is by a process called hot stamping. A die is created, i.e. an outline of what part of the label is to receive foil.  When pressure is applied by the hot stamp die, the heat actually causes the foil to get transferred to the label. We actually use this process in the production of our Christmas cards. The disadvantage of this hot stamping process is that it can be quite expensive and is not recommended for short runs due to the cost. Instead, for short runs, we recommend printing your product labels on a silver PP or synthetic silver gloss stock. Our Epson Surepress machine can then print white over the silver PP stock and then overprint your printing colours, one of which can be a close match to gold. 

These product labels were printed on a silver PP stock with a gloss laminate so that the gold can be highlighted and can have a shiny foil look due to the stock and printing process used.. The labels would be finished with a gloss or matt laminate. This process is still quite involved but is typically less expensive than the traditional method of printing your labels and then adding foil by hot stamping. Effectively, you are getting a foil look on your labels without actually paying for the foil.

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