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Your Honey Labels Will Help You Sell More Honey

By Ian Renton | Honey Labels, Label Design Tips | 14 Oct 2014 |

Your Honey Labels Will Help You Sell More Honey

Ian Renton  | 14/10/2014 | Honey Labels,Label Design Tips

Your honey labels must be effective and eye-catching as in many cases, the first time your customers come in contact with your honey is through your label. You need to design an attractive label that informs your customers as to why your honey is worth buying. In supermarkets, there are several brands of honey and their containers are sometimes in plastic containers and other times in glass jars. The label's details will depend on the size of the label. If the container is small, sometimes two labels are affixed or alternatively, the label may wrap around the jar.

If you are skilful enough to get your honey into supermarkets, then your honey labels are really your best form of marketing in this instance as you are unlikely going to be allowed to do or be able to afford special point of sale advertising for your honey in supermarket aisles.

Whether you are selling your honey in supermarkets, at outdoor markets, on the side of the road or online, your labels contribute heavily to both the first sale and repeat sales. Of course, the quality of your honey must be excellent if you are going to enjoy repeat sales. That goes without saying but it is then your label which assists in getting second and subsequent sales. When selling any kind of food in Australia, there are guidelines that must be strictly adhered to, so your customers are protected. Before printing your honey labels, you should familiarise yourself with the food labels legislation.

Once you have read these rules, then you must do what you need to do to make your food labels stand out. The following points will help you prepare the very labels for your honey jars.

a) Be colourful and use pictures and images to enhance your message.

b) The size of your label must match your honey jar.

c) Identify your brand or any special type of honey or how it is produced.

d) Make sure you display your business name and address.

e) Ingredients such as food additives should be included.

f) Is there a use by date for your honey?

g) Do you need to give directions for storage?

h) Ideally, include information about energy content and nutrition.

i) As well as listing the ingredients in your honey, you should also list the percentages.

j) Confirm that your honey was produced in Australia.

Just remember your honey labels must sell so an effective design is essential. Also, know the rules so you are not breaking any laws.

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