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Many Variations of Clear Labels

By Ian Renton | Clear Labels, Label Material Types | 23 Jan 2017 |

Many Variations of Clear Labels

Ian Renton  | 23/01/2017 | Clear Labels,Label Material Types

When it comes to label printing, you have many choices for label material types. Most of the time, you have to come to a compromise between quality and price.

One of the advantages of going through Renton's Labels for your label printing needs is that we will always ensure that you do not pay for unnecessary features. Why pay for a water-resistant label that is only going to be for short term use and will never be subject to moisture? Of greater concern is the importance of having a label that is suited for the purpose to which it is intended.

On an almost daily basis, we are confronted with new customers that have been let down by their label printing supplier. When your labels are part of a commercial product, it is vital that you protect both the outer part of the label, i.e. the printing and secondly the underneath part of the label, i.e. the adhesive.

Before recommending a label material type, we always ask the purpose of the label. We want to know if the label is for short term or long term use, if it will be exposed to hot or cold temperatures and importantly if it will be exposed for moisture and if so, what sort of liquids and for how long.

Popularity of Clear Labels

As we print more and more labels on glass bottles and plastic containers, we are finding an increasing popularity of clear labels. These labels are commonly placed on glass containers or other plastic containers that are transparent. Clear labels which are also used on darker coloured containers give the impression that the printing has been applied directly to the container without the need for a label.

This is rarely the case because for most food, beverage or cosmetic manufacturers, the cost of printing the information without a label would be prohibitive. The advantage of clear labels for glass bottles and other transparent containers is that the customer can easily see the contents inside the container. This is common for beverage suppliers. Fruit juice, milk, soft drink and several alcoholic beverages are labelled this way so the buyer can easily see what the drink looks like.

There are basically three different types of clear labels that you can choose. Clear, clear on clear or frosted. Each provide a different look once applied to your product so below is a definition of each type, how it may appear on your product and how each type is achieved.

Regular Clear Labels

The stock is a clear Polypropylene (synthetic) face stock with the adhesive applied to a glassine liner, i.e. a smooth and glossy paper which is air, water and grease resistant. This stock gives a transparent appearance when applied to the product. On most products, it will still appear clear. However, there are some substrates where the adhesive can still be seen.

Clear on Clear Labels

Again, the stock used is a clear Polypropylene (synthetic) face stock with the adhesive applied to a synthetic Polyester liner, i.e. a special resin for bottles and other containers. For this application, the appearance is crystal clear when applied to the product so it definitely gives the appearance of the printing being applied without a label.

Frosted Clear Labels

For this option, a Clear Polypropylene (synthetic) face stock is used with a matt varnish or laminate applied to the face stock. This produces a slightly cloudy or frosted look when applied to the product so when applied to a glossy surface can provide a great contrast.

This application is also ideal to apply to a product that already has a frosted finish as it gives the impression that the product is printed without any label at all. 

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