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Health Benefits On Your Food Labels

By Ian Renton | Christmas Labels, Food Labels | 20 Nov 2019 |

Health Benefits On Your Food Labels

Ian Renton  | 20/11/2019 | Christmas Labels,Food Labels

Before you can demonstrate the health benefits on your food labels, it is important to understand the law. There are penalties for making false claims. Also, false claims, even if unintentional, can cost you your reputation and even your business.

There are many laws governing your food labels. Before you can design and print your labels, you must check what you are required to have on your food labels.

I am not qualified to provide legal advice but I can refer you to relevant government websites. The Food Standards Code of Australia and New Zealand lists this web page from April 2016 under the heading, Nutrition Content and Health Claims.


On this page, you can read about general health claims such as this product contains calcium which is good for healthy bones and teeth. Even such a claim as this must be based on over 200 pre-approved health claims about food-health relationships. High level health claims in which a food product claims to reduce the risk of a certain disease require the formal approval of the Food Standard of Australia and New Zealand.

A third marketing tool is an endorsement of the health and nutrition benefits of your food product. Such endorsements still need to meet the requirements of the Food Standard of Australia and New Zealand.

Designing Food Labels With Health Benefits

How do you go about designing food labels with health benefits? Firstly, do not exaggerate and ensure you have complied with the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand. In other words, make sure your food labels are legal. Once you have done these checks, then it is time to sell. Your food labels must highlight the nutritional benefits and your health claims that your food product provides. After all, that is probably the number one reason you are selling your food product. Taste will be important. Price I imagine will be less important.

There are many consumers including myself that will pay a premium for a healthy alternative. The challenge for you is to include all necessary information under the laws set down by the Food Standard of Australia and New Zealand. Then, you must use words and images to sell the benefits of your food products and services. Now, you don't have an A4 page to do this. Instead, you must articulate why your product is one of the best in its category in just a few words.

The best place to begin is with the packaging. If you have cardboard packaging such as breakfast cereal, then you won't need a label. If your food product is in a bottle such as for olive oil or in a plastic container as for yoghurt, then you will need to print labels. Firstly, you get your containers so you can determine the best size for your food labels.

Larger labels will give you more room to include essential content and also add information to sell the benefits of your food product. Then you need a skilful graphic designer to highlight these benefits. You are welcome to call the designers at Renton's Labels to help you with graphic design so your label will give you the best chance of selling as many of your food products as you can.

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