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Get Jar Labels To Go From The Side Of The Jar To The Lid

By Ian Renton | Food Labels, Jar Labels | 1 Apr 2019 |

Get Jar Labels To Go From The Side Of The Jar To The Lid

Ian Renton  | 01/04/2019 | Food Labels,Jar Labels

Many jars use one, two or three labels but one option is to get jar labels to go from the side of the jar to the lid. You can see how this is done below. We printed these labels for Southern Forests Honey in 2018.  

Note that their brand and logo are highlighted but there is much more needed in the printing of effective jar labels. In this example, we actually printed two labels. The top label which is thinner goes to the lid of the jar. There is a fine perforation which enables the label to break quite easily so that the lid can come off.

The main purpose of such a design is to ensure that the jar is not opened until after purchase. This gives protection to producers of honey, jam and similar products. The last thing you want is your jar lid to be opened or tampered with any way.

This label design means that the person on the checkout would immediately know that the product was tampered with once the vertical strip was damaged. Southern Forests Honey chose to have two labels on their jars. The thin strip actually goes slightly lower than the main label and the main label goes on top of the thinner vertical label which then continues onto the lid and finishes as a circular label. This label is shaped like a lollipop. Other suppliers of honey, jam, etc may prefer one label.

The disadvantage of such labels is that it will take longer to apply the labels to the jar. The main application would be more difficult and hence more expensive. This will add to the time it takes in getting your product to market. Whether you have one or two jar labels is not important. What is important is that you fit all of the relevant information on your labels. Since you are selling food, then you must make sure your food labels are legal.  

How To Get All Of Your Information Onto Your Jar Labels

The second challenge for sellers of honey, jam and similar products is how to get all of your information onto your jar labels. Often, the jars are quite small and this means that information is often placed on two or more labels including the lid.

Note in the picture above that the triangular label design and kangaroo symbol concerning local ingredients in the honey relates to the new laws governing your food labels. In this case, country of origin labelling appears on the strip going from the main label to the lid. As an aside, we will print your country of origin labels for you but it is your responsibility to seek permission from the relevant authorities. In summary, manufacturers of jam, honey and similar products have three challenges especially when selling their products in retails outlets. They are:

  1. Ensuring that jars are not easily opened in retail outlets or in transportation but can still be opened comfortably after purchase.  
  2. Including all relevant information pertaining to ingredients, country of origin and other food laws.  
  3. Exposing your brand and selling your products through your label design.  

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