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Use Event Labels To Spice Up Your Events

By Ian Renton | Event Labels | 7 Mar 2016 |

Use Event Labels To Spice Up Your Events

Ian Renton  | 07/03/2016 | Event Labels

Apart from sporting events, one of the biggest annual events must be the Academy Awards. It was great to see so many Australians win awards earlier this week for Mad Max: Fury Road. I must confess I have not seen this movie yet. I was really pleased to see Leonardo DiCaprio finally win an academy award. I have enjoyed many of his movies. The Academy Awards must be quite an event to go to. We all seek recognition. That is why so many actors get more pleasure from the accolades of their peers at the Academy Awards than they do the big pay day that comes from making these movies.

What are the big events in your life? Is it a wedding, a 21st birthday, a business milestone, a trade show, a sporting celebration, a business awards night or something else? You will not have an academy award to remember this event by but there other things that you can do. Event labels can really spice up your big events and provide long term memories for you as well as an added attraction on the actual big day.

One of the events that I remember fondly is my brother's wedding in 2004. It is the only time I have travelled overseas for a wedding. Anyway, Peter and his wife, Marcy, are both fit and healthy. Even though wine and beer and other drinks were available, the highlight at the reception table was a bottle of water. It was not just any bottle of water. He used personalised bottle labels featuring a photo of him and Marcy taken on the day they got engaged.

What other labels can you use for your event? Wedding labels are one of the most common types of event labels. However, we also print anniversary wine labels from time to time. These wine labels are not just for wedding anniversaries. You can also use them for sporting and other clubs or for a celebration of a milestone for your business. Perhaps you plan to host a seminar, present at a trade show or prepare another business event. If you give away samples of your products, then you will need labels for this.

Event labels are generally highlighted by relevant graphics but you must also allow plenty of room on your label to highlight the actual event using a large and bold font so that your event will be remembered well after its completion.

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