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The Best Bottle Labels Will Help You Sell More Of Your Product

If you package your products in bottles, then you must have two things. Firstly, you need the right bottle. It must be the right size and also be made of the right material. Plastic and glass are the most common materials. Once, you have found a suitable bottle, then the you need to design your labels. The graphic designers at Renton’s Labels can help you with high quality labels that will help you sell more of your product. If you need help with designing labels that will sell, then please let us know. The best piece of advice I can give you is to keep your design simple. Having said that, there is a lot involved in getting the best design for your  product labels.

Your labels need to attract the attention of the shoppers whether they are browsing online, walking down a supermarket aisle or visiting a local market or store. No doubt, there will be hundreds of bottles and you may have to compete with other brands. Also, once a purchase is made you want your label to be noticed and suitable for repeat sales. Not all bottles for drinking are consumed immediately. Wine can be kept for many years so wine labels really should showcase your product to promote repeat business.

Choose The Right Stock For Your Bottle Labels

Not all bottles are used for beverages. Bottles are also used for olive oils, cosmetics, essential oils and even dangerous chemicals. As well as providing you with graphic design services or free assistance in this area, Renton’s Labels with also provide you with the best advice with regards to the right label material. This depends on several factors. What is inside your bottle? This is relevant as spillage could potentially ruin your label. Where is your label stored? Is it in a cupboard, in a fridge, in a freezer or outdoors and exposed to the elements?

Some food products such as jam or olive oil will be sticky or oily. This means that your label can easily be damaged if your product should seep under or onto the label. A permanent paper based label will not offer such protection. Instead, we recommend a synthetic label. Its strong adhesive will ensure that your labels remain firmly attached to your bottle, jar or other container even if a lot of your product gets onto the label. A gloss or matt varnish or laminate adds an additional layer to the synthetic label stock. This will offer protection to both the printing and the outer surface of the label. Varnish is a clear coating printed on the label where laminate is a thin layer of film adhered to the label. Both are good for protecting printing and label stock. However, one may be more suitable than the other so always check with your label printer which would be more suitable for your product. Refer to this blog the difference between varnish and laminate.

If you are selling food, you must make sure your food labels are legal.

Vinyl labels are recommended for labels with chemicals and other bottles that might be stored outside as vinyl labels offer the best protection from the elements. They can last as long as five years when exposed to sun, wind and rain.

There are also times when permanent white gloss or matt labels are sufficient for your bottle labels. These are usually adequate for an event if you just wish to provide samples of your products for prospects and customers to visit your stand. These less expensive labels are also suitable if providing gifts.

Will Your Bottle Labels Be Hand Applied Or Machine Applied?

For short runs of labels and when you sell small quantities of your products online or in a local store or market, most likely the labels will be hand applied. This means you manually peel the label off the backing paper and place the label on the bottle. As your operation gets larger, then it may be time to consider using a bottling company or buy your own machinery that allows for machine application of your bottle labels.

Renton’s Labels provides bottle labels for wineries and other industries that require machine application of their labels. There are a number of ways that labels can be printed that will allow your labels to be easily applied by machine to your bottles. The main points to consider are the direction of the labels and the gap between the labels.

Below are some specific requirements.

99% of machines require a standard core size of 76mm diameter. However, we can also accommodate for smaller core sizes.

The below diagram shows the direction of the labels as they come off the roll. The below roll directions are universal throughout Australia, New Zealand and most other countries. However, it is always best to check with your bottling company or read through your manual which roll direction is best suited to not only to the machine but also the product the labels are being applied to.

Roll Direction Diagram

Also, with the majority of bottling companies, they prefer a varnish over a laminate finish where a desktop hand application machine may take either finish.

When it comes to bottle labels, Renton’s Labels really are the experts. Contact Renton’s Labels today for a quote on 1-800 736 861 or 02 8825 6820 or email us at: If you have artwork ready, please attach it. If not, just send us some information and a preferred size and the purpose of your labels and we can help.

 As well as free advice for your label design, labelling laws and the stock for your bottle labels, Renton’s Labels will also provide you with the following:

  1. Flat delivery fee of just $7. You also receive low prices so your bottled products do not become too expensive since your labels will be printed on the best machine to suit your purpose. We cater for short and long runs.
  2. Protection from Our Double Guarantee. There is absolutely no risk to you when you buy from Renton’s Labels. You can also request that we set up a 30 day account for you.
  3. Fast delivery of your orders and fast response to your enquiries and artwork uploads and changes.

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