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Use Custom Shaped Product Labels to Sell More

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - Miscellaneous, Product Labels | 17 May 2016 |

Use Custom Shaped Product Labels to Sell More

Ian Renton  | 17/05/2016 | Label Printing - Miscellaneous,Product Labels

The key to designing effective product labels is to make your labels stand out. The most obvious way to do this is with colour. You could even include silver or gold foil to add to the impression of the high quality of your products.

A high quality label is a good indicator of a high quality product. Fonts are also important.

our text must be clear and headlines must be easy to read. Pictures, graphics and images are also important but the another to make your labels stand out id to go with an unorthodox shape. Most labels are rectangles. There are several circular labels and a few oval labels. Triangular labels are used but are rare as it is difficult to fit a lot of a text on a triangular label. There is also the trend towards labels die-cut to a particular shape. It is possible today to have labels printed in unusual shapes and sizes because digital label printing technology has improved so rapidly there is often no need to get an expensive new die made.

Here are some examples of some unusually shaped labels. Of course, the product labels you use are dependent on the type of container used to hold the products you are selling. For example, circular labels are frequently used for the labelling of lids for jars or other containers.

There are specific shapes common to specific products. The most common of these is wine labels. Even with digital die-cutting available, generally, custom shaped labels are more expensive than rectangular labels. However, circular labels are also more expensive than rectangular labels in terms of area because there will be some wasted label stock. Nevertheless, if your product stands out it is often well worth the extra cost.

The other great advantage of using unusual shapes for your product labels is that the custom shape can really make your labels look classy. A special shape can give the impression that your product is a premium one and hence, well worth the extra price. It is very rare that you will use an unusually shaped label for a budget product.

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