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The Big Advantage of Matt Labels

By Ian Renton | Product Labels | 7 Jan 2019 |

The Big Advantage of Matt Labels

Ian Renton  | 07/01/2019 | Product Labels

Most of the label printing we do involves gloss printing but the big advantage of matt labels is that the rougher surface makes it easier to overprint. Gloss labels are more popular than matt labels because the shiny surface really adds to its quality. It has the effect of making the colours more vibrant. Matt labels have a duller or less vibrant finish to them so you may be wondering why matt labels are used at all on products. You can easily write or print on matt labels.

When you buy computer labels, these are a matt stock as they can easily go through your laser printer or can be easily written on with a black texta or marking pen. The same theory applies even to the most sophisticated product labels. Many product labels go through two printing processes. This is because there are often minor variations to product labels in terms of the batch number, use by date or sometimes country of export.

For several products, the label needs to have a coating to offer extra protection to the printing. This can be a laminate or varnish finish. 

The laminate is a bit thicker whereas the varnish is thinner and is more suited to machine application of labels. It is not uncommon for some products to require printed labels in two runs. When this is the case either matt labels or a matt finish, often a varnish coating is required to more easily enable overprinting. It is still possible to overprint or write on gloss labels. In fact, we recommend special pens to enable this to happen without smudging. However, it is much easier to overprint or even handwrite onto a matt label.

When I visit local markets, often a black marking pen is used to add more information to a label. It might be a different product line, a different volume or quantity or even a different use by date.

Other Label Material Types

There are many more options for your product labels than just matt labels or gloss labels.  Some other label material types include clear labels, vinyl labels and foil labels.

There are numerous options for you to choose from but keep in mind that the more complex options are preferred with longer runs. The more setup involved in your job, the greater the need for larger print runs to offset that higher initial cost.  

The simplest product labels are printed on a synthetic stock and are finished with laminate or varnish and this can be either matt or gloss. These labels will look great and in most instances will offer protection to the printing. The exception is prolonged outdoor use such as for chemical products and also labels which are exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold.

If you are new to label printing or just want some advice about what stock you need for your product labels, then you can get in touch with us at Renton's Labels.

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