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10 Must-Do Steps for Top Product Labels

By Ian Renton | Label Stocks, Product Labels | 19 Feb 2018 |

Ten Things You Need To Do To Get The Very Best Product Labels

Ian Renton  | 19/02/2018 | Label Stocks,Product Labels

I was prompted to write a blog about ten things you need to do to get the very best product labels when Janice, a reader of my blogs, and a writer for Your RV Lifestyle sent me a list of the 100 best things to do in Australia. It is actually an interesting list and there are some places in there that are not obvious to travellers but are certain to appeal. Now, my list of ten is less thorough but especially relevant if your products need labelling.

Here are my top ten things to do to get the very best product labels.

  1. Get the right jar, bottle, tube or plastic container. We always recommend you get your containers before you order your labels. Firstly, you need to get labels that are the right shape and size for your containers. Also, the stock must be suitable for the containers.  
  2. Your labels must be the right size. It is obvious that your labels must fit the container that you use. The secondary consideration is to have labels the right size so that they will stand out in a supermarket or other marketplace and contain all relevant information.  
  3. Choose the Right Label Stock. This is the one aspect of product label printing that we spend the most time with our clients. It is important to choose a stock that suits the product. For example, here are four instances that require different types of labels:
    1. You sell chemicals and the labels are placed on large plastic bottles and stored outside in the weather.
    2. A label will appear on a bottle of shampoo and be in contact with the actual shampoo and water in a reasonable period of time.
    3. Your label is placed on a plastic container of food which will be placed in the freezer and may then be placed in a microwave.
    4. Another label will be placed on a small box of bakery products to be sold quickly at a market.
    All of these four labels will require different label stocks. When it becomes to product labels, there is a compromise between price and the durability and suitability of the label.
  4. Test Your Product Labels. We can provide you with all of the advice that you seek. However, we stress that it is important to test your product labels to be certain you have the right stock. Test the stock under live conditions and keep them for several days. Put your labels in water, in the microwave and under the elements. Do whatever you can before you outlay money for your labels. It will benefit you in the long run.  
  5. Satisfy The Legal Constraints. It is the responsibility of governments to protect the consumers from the products you are selling. If you require food labels or cosmetic labels for your products, then I recommend you click on these links which provide further links to important government websites.  
  6. Abide by Country of Origin Labelling. This is relevant for food and it gives a great guide to the consumers. This is vital for importers and exporters of food and related products. There are exceptions though.  You should familiarise yourself with new laws for food labels that began on 1 July, 2016.  
  7. Do your labels need barcodes? If you sell your labels in a supermarket or other large outlet, then you will need a barcode to place on your product label. There are several companies that offer such a service. We recommend:https://www.gs1au.org/  
  8. Will your labels be hand applied or machine applied? When you are starting out, it is most likely your labels will be printed in short runs. Hence, it won't be cost effective to have your labels machine applied. Also, not all products lend themselves well to machine application. The best products for machine application come in bottles. There are many bottling companies that will apply your labels by machine. Keep in mind the labels which we produce in a roll format will need to be printed in a certain way to ensure that the labels go onto the bottle in the right way. See the diagrams below for this.
  9. Your Product Labels Must Sell. Your label will require some contact details, a brand name or description of the product, the weight, volume or size of the product and any details with regards to flavours or types. There is limited room to create much sales copy on your labels. However, you still need to differentiate your products from those of your competitors. There should be some reason or some catchy phrase you can use on your labels which will help your product stand out. When selling products, it is the repeat sales which counts so you at least want a memorable label that will encourage your customers to buy again.  
  10. Get a Great Design. It makes sense to get an outstanding design for your product labels because you plan to get sales of your products for many years to come. The design is an initial cost, not an ongoing one so it is worthwhile spending some time getting this right. If you do not currently employ a skilful graphic designer, then contact our graphic design team to help you develop eye-catching product labels. Our graphic design team will follow the five rules for packaging design to make your product labels stand out.

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