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Tamper Seals For Your Food Labels

By Ian Renton | Food Labels, Honey Labels, Jam Labels, Jar Labels, Label Printing - General Knowledge, Label Stocks, Packaging Labels, Product Labels, Uncategorized | 8 Sep 2020 |

Tamper Seals For Your Food Labels

Ian Renton  | 08/09/2020 | Food Labels,Honey Labels,Jam Labels,Jar Labels,Label Printing - General Knowledge,Label Stocks,Packaging Labels,Product Labels,Uncategorized

Before printing tamper seals for your food labels, you should consider what can go wrong without them. Security is not just about your buildings, your computers and your staff. You also need to protect your food products to avoid that dreaded product recall.

Not surprisingly, the Australian Institute of Packaging provides a strong case for tamper-evident packaging. The idea behind tamper-evident packaging is to show clearly if the barrier to entry has been broken or clearly breached.

Is it really that important to add another layer of protection to your food labels or packaging? Well, the shareholders of Heinz would certainly think so. Back in 1989, Heinz was forced to remove baby food to a value of 30 million pounds from supermarket shelves in the United Kingdom after some of its food was contaminated by glass and razor blades.

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It is not just big business that should use tamper seals or some other form of tamper-evident packaging. If your small business sells food products, then tamper seals for your food labels may be a wise investment. Below are a couple of uses of tamper seals for jam and honey.

If you take a walk down your local supermarket, you will see both tamper seals and shrink seals to provide protection for food and beverages. If you are selling jam on the side of the road, then tamper seals are not really necessary but once you expand into retail outlets, then tamper seals and shrink seals have an important role to play in the success of your business.

The tamper seals go over both sides for the honey labels and just one side for the jam labels. You can easily get jar labels to go from the side of the jar to the lid. The tamper seal can be part of the label as in the above examples or used as an extra label. If using a tamper seal as a separate label, then it must be the same stock as the other labels, i.e. normally a synthetic label with a laminate of varnish coating to provide protection in the fridge and for your food coming in contact with your labels.

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