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Store Your Product Labels In A Cool Place With Low Humidity

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - General Knowledge, Product Labels | 28 May 2019 |

Store Your Product Labels In A Cool Place With Low Humidity

Ian Renton  | 28/05/2019 | Label Printing - General Knowledge,Product Labels

It is important to store your product labels in a cool place with low humidity to prevent them from losing their adhesive. All self-adhesive labels are made with a glue and this glue will last longer if it is not exposed to heat or moisture in the air, i.e. humidity.

Many years ago I was a stamp collector. I collected stamps before they were self-adhesive. I got them off the envelope by getting a plate of water and placing the stamp in the water. Today, there is a youtube video for everything and the demonstration I saw showed that the stamps were removed by placing stamps in hot water. That is because heat and moisture are the enemies of self-adhesive labels. Hence, you should do the opposite to preserve your product labels by storing them in a cool environment with low humidity.

This can increase the life of your product labels. If you live in a hot climate and do not have airconditioning, then you could store your product labels in the fridge. This only applies if your labels are protected with a laminate coating. The laminate provides protection for the printing on the labels.

There are five ways to ensure your product labels actually stick to your product. They are:

  1. Clean surface
  2. Right Conditions
  3. Prior Testing
  4. Time and Durability - The stock is relevant to its actual use.
  5. Correct Storage
Avoid Problems With Your Product Labels

To avoid problems with your product labels, the things you can do relate closely to the five points above. Most of the time when we think of what can go wrong, the answer lies in your choice of label material type. There are many options for you in relation to label stocks.

If the label is not sticking to your product then you may have selected a label stock that is inappropriate for the purpose for which it was intended. For example, a paper label for a bottle of shampoo kept in the shower and exposed to running water regularly will soon disintegrate. The wrong container is the second issue to consider.

For the label to stick properly to your bottle, tube, jar or other container it must be clean.

A second problem is the actual surface. If your label printing supplier knows in advance that the surface is going to rough, then a label with a strong adhesive such as synlite could be used.

The third thing you should do to avoid problems with your product labels is to ensure your labels are stored in a cool environment with low humidity.

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