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Spread Some Cheer With Chocolate Labels

By Ian Renton | Label Printing Processes, Product Labels | 16 Mar 2020 |

Spread Some Cheer With Chocolate Labels

Ian Renton  | 16/03/2020 | Label Printing Processes,Product Labels

In these tough times, it is good to spread some cheer with chocolate labels on your own chocolates. Chocolates in a box in a plastic wrapper or labelled individually will be equally appreciated. In fact, they can increase the recipient's mood considerably. I was shocked at so many announcements over the weekend. Gone are attendance at football games, Vivid, The Sydney Royal Easter Show and other large gatherings. As a society, we need to rely on other ways to relax and lift our spirits. According to The Centre for Human Pharmacology at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, a study determined that certain components of chocolate improved mood and others altered brain patterns. This component is likely tryptophan, which is an amino acid found in chocolate that helps the brain make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy and satisfied. Reference: https://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~sather/why-does-chocolate-make-us-happy/ If chocolates are supplied in a plain wrapper or a jar, then you will need chocolate labels. In 2020, Easter Sunday falls on April 12 and is the biggest day of the year for giving chocolates. The threat of coronavirus means that some church services are likely to be cancelled. Others may put on hold their Easter celebrations and I suspect there will be less people travelling for Easter holidays. I cannot see the suspension of chocolate production for Easter. Chocolates can be expected to be as popular as ever this Easter.

Chocolate Labels Are Included In Laws Governing Your Food Labels

Chocolate labels are included in laws governing your food labels. If you sell chocolates in boxes or import from large confectionary manufacturers, then you will not need to produce your own chocolate labels. However, if you make your own chocolates, then you probably cannot afford specially printed boxes and plastic wrappers as these are printed for very long runs. It means you will need to organise your own containers, packaging and labels. If you manufacture your own chocolates, then your biggest time of the year is now. If you use chocolate labels at Easter, then you need to be aware of the same labelling laws that the larger food manufacturers need to abide buy. Your chocolate labels will need to include:

  1. Your business name and address
  2. Net weight
  3. Warnings to sufferers of allergies, e.g. from nuts
  4. Ingredients in descending order by weight
  5. Use by date
  6. Where and how your chocolates should be stored
  7. Nutritional components such as carbohydrates.
  8. Country of origin information.

There are exemptions to the above but this applies when chocolates are consumed immediately or if your chocolates are sold exclusively to restaurants. Both situations are unlikely to include all of your sales so you will be subject to laws governing your food labels.

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