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Seven Ways To Use Custom Labels To Market Your Business

By Ian Renton | Marketing Labels | 15 May 2018 |

Seven Ways To Use Custom Labels To Market Your Business

Ian Renton  | 15/05/2018 | Marketing Labels

The most successful businesses are those that are the best marketers so I have listed seven ways to use custom labels to market your business. Did you know that the typical Australian consumer is exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages on a daily basis? A lot of those marketing messages involve labels.

Are you using custom labels to market your business? If not, then that is OK. The following list will give you some ideas to get started.

  1. Product Labels. The great majority of our work goes to helping our customers get their products to market by printing the right product labels. This is a detailed topic so you can click on this link to discover ten things you need to get the very best product labels. In summary, you need the right label stock, the right marketing message and your product labels must comply with the law.  
  2. Custom Labels for Service Companies. Even if you don't have a product to sell, you can still use custom labels to market your business. We print labels for a local electrician who puts these labels on power boards and gets good repeat business from this practice. IT professionals and plumbers can also use labels on the products they service to promote repeat business.     
  3. Use Local Transport to Market Your Business. The advertising you see on buses are actually large labels. Similarly, labels are used to advertise on taxis and trains and even on bus shelters. If your target market is seeing these advertising messages, then this is another advertising medium for you to consider.  
  4. Use Marketing Labels To Promote Your Special Offers. If you have a special offer, then you want to promote it in multiple ways. You may use mail, email, telephone, social media or radio. When it comes to marketing, the options are endless. For example, you could use printed labels for marketing your end of financial year specials.  
  5. Use Labels as Gifts. Do you remember the old samsonite school cases? If you do, then you may recall that many of them had various stickers plastered all over them and these stickers were actually promoting local businesses. Today, free stickers are more likely to come in the form of bumper stickers. Some doctors also give away free stickers to their very young patients. Supermarkets occasionally give away free stickers too. This is another marketing form that you can consider.  
  6. Labels to Enhance Direct Mail. Do you send advertising material or free samples in the mail? Are you worried that your mail may not get opened? You should be. Not all mail is opened. We use a bright pink sticker with the words Here is the information you requested to increase the chances of the mail getting opened. You can also use stickers on the top left of the envelope or the back of the envelope with your company name and address or some promotional headline or teaser copy. Readers Digest used to include removable stickers on their letters to encourage customer involvement and this greatly increased the response rate of their special offers.    
  7. Temporary Labels Or Signs. We have all seen labels on products in supermarkets with price changes or a message like this: Price Reduced for Quick Sale.These labels do work. For other retail outlets, labels can be stuck on windows to promote a sale. I have even seen small circular coloured labels stuck on clothing tags to indicate a special discount. These labels are effective marketing tools as they create a sense of urgency, something that can be important to get a sale.

You may think that the only marketing you need is the internet, social media and email. I use these tools in my business but it would be a mistake to only rely on online marketing. The use of old fashioned marketing and even custom labels to market your business is worthwhile. Do not rely on just one method to grow your business.

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