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7 Surprising Uses of Label Printing in Various Industries

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - General Knowledge | 7 Aug 2018 |

7 Surprising Uses of Label Printing in Various Industries

Ian Renton  | 07/08/2018 | Label Printing - General Knowledge

I can find seven uses for label printing which will surprise many readers. Unlike billboards and large signs and big catalogues, printed labels often go unnoticed. About half of the products in your local supermarket are identified and advertised with labels. Many labels don't even look as if they are there because the colours blend in with the container. Think of the label on a lip balm tube or a tube of toothpaste. The manufacturer makes the product look as though the printing is directly on the tube but this is rarely the case.

Here are the seven most common uses of labels. I am certain there are more and this is why the label printing industry along with signage is one of the fastest growing sectors in the printing industry.

  1. Product labels: This is the biggest use of label printing and this is where the staff at Renton's Labels spend over 80% of its time. Most products need labels. Some exceptions include loose fruit and vegetables, cereals, chips, and confectionary wrapped in paper or plastic. Larger businesses can go to the initial expense of printing onto cardboard, paper and plastic and using that as the packaging whereas small businesses tend to rely more often on product labels. The biggest users of product labels are food and beverage manufacturers and cosmetics suppliers.     
  2. Labels For The Service Industry: We are often asked to print labels for various industries that do not sell products. It is important to think outside the square and see how you can use labels to gain greater exposure for your business. In fact, label printing for the service industry is under-rated and under-utilised. A local electrician uses our printed labels to stick on switchboards and this is effective in getting more repeat business. You could use a similar tactic if you were involved in any kind of repairs or maintenance work. I sometimes take my three-year-old, Sarah, to trivia at my local club and we usually eat a meal there. Sarah can rarely finish it so we take the food home in a plastic container with a label on top. Surprisingly, most restaurants don't put labels on such plastic containers.  
  3. Labels Used For Change: If you walk down your local supermarket aisle, you will have the opportunity for bargains, provided you are willing to eat your food quickly. As perishable items approach the use by date, then labels are used to indicate a reduced price for a quick sale. Book shops, music stores and other retail outlets will also use labels to alter the price. Occasionally, we are asked to print labels to go over incorrect information. This could be an incorrect address or phone number or email address or even incorrect product information.  
  4. Use Labels To Market Your Business: I believe in marketing in multiple ways and always use low cost forms of marketing to your advantage. This is where labels come in handy. You can place labels on advertising material such as your catalogues to extend or alter a special offer. In fact, I did this recently to extend the July special for our Christmas catalogue. You can use also labels on your shop windows. The signs you see on taxis and buses are actually large vinyl labels.  
  5. Use Labels For Identification: We have all seen computer labels. You have probably worn these on your shirt, blouse or jacket at some stage. More commonly, name badges in plastic are used but computer labels act as a reserve. We use computer labels if we have difficulty with our envelope overprinting machine. When sending items in the mail, then ideally you should have a return address. However, an inexpensive alternative is address labels.  
  6. Packaging Labels: A less common use of label printing is packaging. We use labels on our packaging and the courier company we use also uses labels. Today, stamps act as labels. The customs declaration on an international parcel is also a label. You can also use several other labels on your packages. For example, Airmail, Here is the information you requested, and Photographs Do Not Bend.'    
  7. Warning Labels: We normally associate warnings with road and other signs. Warning labels are used frequently with dangerous chemicals. These labels can go directly onto bottles. Sometimes, the warning is incorporated into the product label. Heavy items also need a warning label and these are often part of the packaging labels. The signs you see on trucks are also likely to be vinyl labels.

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