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Seven Benefits Of Getting Your Product Labels On Rolls

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - Miscellaneous, Product Labels | 14 Oct 2019 |

Seven Benefits Of Getting Your Product Labels On Rolls

Ian Renton  | 14/10/2019 | Label Printing - Miscellaneous,Product Labels

Before considering the seven benefits of getting your product labels on rolls , you should consider the alternative. This involves printing labels on sheets. The print quality will still be good but we typically print labels on A4 sheets for events. Vinyl labels are sometimes printed on top cut sheets too. Below are the seven benefits you can experience when you get your product labels printed on rolls.

1. Better Quality Print Result

Labels are designed for rolls as they are typically printed on very large continuous rolls. Whether these rolls are printed digitally or offset with the use of plates, you can expect a better print result than sheet fed labels. This is because label printing equipment is designed to print product labels whereas labels on A4 sheets are using machines primarily designed for brochures, booklets, catalogues, greeting cards and other printed matter on paper. Also, wide format machines are more often used for banners, signs, vehicle wraps and the like rather than labels.

2. Labels Can Be Peeled Off Easily

When your product labels are printed on rolls, they are much easier to peel off than when your labels are on A4 sheets. Even though the labels may be printed many times across the web the labels are usually slit so they can be peeled off one at a time. Also, the 5mm gap between labels makes it very easy to peel off. For labels on A4 sheets, the labels are very close together and you need to be more careful when peeling the labels off. This 5mm Gap is called bleed, if you're preparing your artwork yourself, we have a guide on how to download your files from Canva with bleed and Crop Marks

3. Labels On Rolls For Machine Application

Many of our clients choose to save time when getting their labels onto their bottles or other containers. You can purchase your own label application machine for less than $1,000. If you use a bottling company, then there are instructions you must follow and that involves having your labels on rolls so they can come off easily and be applied to your bottle. In fact, these labels also come off the rolls in one of eight ways as outlined below. Roll directions 3 and 4 are the most common.

4. Product Labels With A Laminate Or Varnish Finish

It is important to ask the question, Do you product labels need a laminate or varnish finish? It is rare that we print product labels without a laminate or varnish coating. The laminate or varnish coatings are a protective layer for the labels to provide protection from moisture and liquids getting onto the label and spoiling the printing. The laminate and varnish can only be applied to the labels when they have been printed on rolls.

5. Adding Batch Numbers, Use-By Dates, Etc to Your Product Labels

One way of adding batch numbers and use by dates to your labels is to use a permanent marker. If you do this, then your labels can be printed on rolls or sheets. However, the most common method of adding batch numbers, use by dates and other temporary information is a process that I refer to as having your printed labels in two runs. Your labels are printed in one large run instead of many smaller runs. Then, a batch of labels that were originally printed in rolls with a thermal transfer varnish and then inserted into the thermal transfer machine where the temporary information is printed usually in black ink. These thermal transfer machines require rolls and will not work with sheet fed labels.

6. Print Labels On Rolls for Speed and A Lower Price

We do print some labels on A4 sheets because the setup cost is actually lower for short runs and this is reflected in the price. However, for longer runs of many thousands of labels, the labels are printed more quickly on a roll fed machine and this faster speed will also result in a lower price.  

7. Product Labels On Rolls Allow Greater Variety Of Stocks

With your product labels, you have so many more options for your label material types as compared to printing your labels on A4 sheets. You have different choices of synthetic stocks such as PP60 or synlite with a stronger adhesive. You could also request a silver PP synthetic stock with white ink and Full colour CMYK printing to give the impression the label is being foiled. Such options are not available with labels printed on sheets. Overall, the great advantage of printing your product labels on rolls is the flexibility this gives you.

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