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Save Money On Your Product Labels

By Ian Renton | Digital Label Printing, Prices of Printed Labels, Product Labels | 28 Jan 2020 |

Save Money On Your Product Labels

Ian Renton  | 28/01/2020 | Digital Label Printing,Prices of Printed Labels,Product Labels

In order to save money on your product labels, there are lots of things that can be done. It is not always what you think. Essentially, the price is determined by two factors, the cost of materials and the cost of the time used to print the labels. This includes labour and the time needed for the appropriate machine to print your labels.

The new digital label printing equipment for Renton's Labels in 2020 means that the time to print your product labels has drastically reduced. The HP Indigo 6900 prints digital labels in very high quality and very quickly. On top of that, the ABG Digicon Lite Converting system enables the labels to be cut to size quickly with a laminate or varnish coating as required.

This machinery is pictured below. [ngg src="galleries" ids="2" display="basic_slideshow" arrows="1" transition_style="slide"]This new equipment was featured in Print 21 magazine in October 2019. Next Printing is the new owner of Renton's Labels and Romeo Sanuri is the managing director. Below is the link to that article. https://www.print21.com.au/news/next-marches-into-labels-with-new-hp-indigo-6900-and-abg-digicon

If you print business cards or A4 brochures, you won't find much variation in price from one company to another but the prices of product labels will vary considerably because there are many digital label printing options available in the market place.

Five Ways To Reduce The Cost of Your Product Labels

There are five ways to reduce the cost of your product labels.

  1. Minimise the number of sizes. There are two reasons for doing this. Firstly, it takes much longer to set up the machines, i.e. the printing machine and the finishing machine. Secondly, there may be additional preparation costs in the form of new dies.
  2. Reduce the number of pieces of artwork. This one is a little harder to do but if you are just starting out or quite new, then it is not a great idea to offer multiple flavours and multiple volumes or weights. If you do this, then try and at least keep the size variations to a minimum. You will be charged much less for 2,000 of one label than 20 different labels of 100 because the time to print and roll 20 different labels is longer than the time to just print one run of 2,000 labels.
  3. Longer Print Runs To Reduce Unit Price. As a label printing company, we understand the need to keep unit prices down. The label is part of your cost of production but is supposed to be a minor cost. To achieve this goal, you really want to avoid very small runs. If you only print 200 labels, you are going to pay much more than 20 cents per label. An order for 5,000 labels will give you musch lower unit price than 500 labels even if you have multiple designs.
  4. Save on Material Costs. Whilst it is true that for short runs, the material cost is very low, you are still going to get a lower price when printing on less expensive material. Embellishments such as embossing are dear. Gold foiling can also be dear but there is a way to add foil to your product labels without paying for it. We use a silver pp stock, then add white ink with colour printing on top of that. It gives the impression of printing in foil.
  5. Avoid Reprinting Your Product Labels. I have lost count of the number of times we have been approached by a new customer who tried to save money by going with a cheap supplier, only to discover that the product labels would either come off or the printing would be illegible in use. Always request samples to test before trying a new stock and choose a reputable label printing company for your product labels.

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