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Safety With Your Candle Labels

By Ian Renton | Uncategorized | 11 Jan 2018 |

Safety With Your Candle Labels

Ian Renton  | 11/01/2018 | Uncategorized

Do you educate your customers about safety with your candle labels?

Safety is important when it comes to toys for children, food products, cosmetics, chemical products such as washing detergent and a host of other products. Today, candles are used for gifts and adding to the aesthetic appeal of a dining room or living room or restaurant. Safety is not something that is emphasised as much as it should be when it comes to candles.

In Australia, food and cosmetics are regulated by various government departments. There is no obvious government departing regulating candle labels and packaging for candles. However, there is an association in Rydalmere in western Sydney. It is called The Australia and New Zealand Candle Association. Basically, this association recommends rather than enforces the following:

  • Do not leave a burning candle unattended.
  • don't leave a burning candle near anything that may catch fire.
  • See that candles are always out of reach of pets and children.
Candle Labels Should Educate And Sell

Perhaps the above advice is obvious but the obvious is not always observed. The implication for your candle labels means that you are doing a great service for your customers if you educate them on the dangers of using candles and some simple tips to encourage candle safety. Ideally, include the above advice on your candle labels or packaging. As with all product labels, the job of the label and any exterior packaging is to educate your clients on the details of what you are selling and then, use your label to sell more of your products.

That means that your candle labels should use these five rules for packaging design to make your product labels stand out.

  1. Be clear and simple. Virtually no one will read all of your packaging so ensure your candle labels have headlines, short words and appropriate fonts and colours to make life easy for customers and prospects.
  2. Be original. Stand out from your competitors with your design and ideally, the benefits of using your candles as opposed to other candles.
  3. Be honest. Never make false claims.
  4. Allow for product variations. Most likely, candles will have less variations than other products but your labels and packaging should have templates that can easily be adapted for variations. Also, you can keep your printing costs down by making it easy for your label printing company. Choosing labels in the same size helps keep costs down.
  5. Be benefit driven. Sell the benefits of your candles rather than simply explain the features.

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