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Do Your Product Labels Focus On Your Customer?

By Ian Renton | Label Design Tips | 11 Jul 2017 |

Do Your Product Labels Focus On Your Customer?

Ian Renton  | 11/07/2017 | Label Design Tips

When it comes to designing product labels most us think of just including vital information such as name of the product, its size and the brand. For small product labels, then you are not going to have room to include much else. However, when your label is larger, then you can start to get more creative.

It is a simple fact that you will increase your sales by having better designs for your printed labels. It is essential to have well designed Product Labels, Label Design, Shampoo Labels and you should seek the help of a professional graphic designer. This includes my company where we employ graphic designers who design labels on a daily basis.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love graphic designers and I have employed dozens of good ones over the 27 years I have been running this business. However, graphic designers are designers. They are not marketers so they can fit your information neatly onto your product label but you need to provide them with the best information to use.

If you have a large product label, then there is more scope to include more information about your product. The content on your label should convince your target market to buy your product for the first time and make repeat purchases and ideally, referrals in the future. Your label may not include all of the reasons for using your product but you can start by adhering to these five rules for packaging design to make your product labels stand out. In particular, take note of Point 5 which states, Be benefit driven.

Always look at your product from your customer's point of view. Ideally, your product labels should include your unique selling proposition which explains why your product is better than other similar products and why your product should be used in preference to not buying any product in your category at all.

Make Your Shampoo Labels All About Your Customer

What prompted me to write this blog was when my wife came home last month with some new shampoo to trial. Her friend really wanted her opinion. Naturally, what really caught my attention was the label on the bottle. It was a large label which wrapped around the shampoo bottle. It was a nicely designed label with silver foil on the label to provide an image of quality. However, the designer of this label fell into the trap that many new marketers do. They talk about themselves rather than their customers.

Instead, all labels including shampoo labels should be designed to attract your ideal customer. Start with your target market. For example, is your shampoo for men or women? The sample on our web page actually shows a shampoo label targeted to dog owners.  Is your shampoo for oily hair, dry hair or something else? The next step is to list the benefits of your product.

Ideally, you should include your unique selling proposition if you have one. In other words, why is your shampoo better than other brands. My wife's friend went wrong by not getting to know his target market. The main benefit of his shampoo was that it was helping local communities in a small underdeveloped country.  This was the focus rather than the improvement in look and feel of his customer's hair.

The simple message is that where space allows, always focus on your customer when designing your product labels.

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