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Printed Labels For School Children

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - Miscellaneous, Product Labels | 19 Jan 2018 |

Printed Labels For School Children

Ian Renton  | 19/01/2018 | Label Printing - Miscellaneous,Product Labels

School is back next week so have you considered whether your products need printed labels for school children? Children often have personalised address labels on their bags, drink bottles, lunch boxes, books and other items. However, there is money to be made in designing product labels that appeal directly to school children.

What do school kids like?

What would persuade them to buy your products or convince their parents to buy these products for them?

Of course, there are different markets for different age groups. Printed labels that appeal to teenagers should have different designs from labels for the 5-8 age group and the 9-12 age group. Younger children just want to have fun so your labels should appeal to their sense of fun. Your labels could include images of animals, cartoon characters or even invented characters. Teenagers like young celebrities such as singers and sports stars. They also want to look cool in front of their friends.

Examples Of Product Labels That Appeal To Children

Suppose you were selling skin care cream to teenagers with pimples. Your marketing campaign should highlight the problem which is more than just the pimples. It is the feelings that are associated with the pimples. Will the young teenager feel embarrassed or isolated? Will this teenager be teased or bullied? A clever marketer will exacerbate the problem before coming up with the solution.

Why is your solution better than any other solution?

Why should your prospects and customers believe you?

What proof will you provide to show that your product actually works?

You could show scientific proof and obviously before and after shots. I can recall seeing this advertisement featuring Jessica Simpson. You can view this video in Youtube if you wish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqL9MjPnxBA

Note that the printed labels must fit in with the whole marketing process. Whilst the labels don't feature Jessica Simpson, the pastel colours fit in well with the soothing effect of the cream. It soothes the skin and the emotions of the user. When selling to children, you need to know how to use colour effectively on your product labels.

Mostly, you will use bright colours to advertise to children. I have a two-year-old and I regularly buy toothpaste from this company. Note the very simple cartoon characters and multiple colours and the almost child like font on the printed labels. There really is an art to designing printed labels for school children.

If you advertise your products to children, make sure you hire clever marketers and a skilful graphic designer. Both will help you sell more of your products.

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