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Marketing Your Cakes And Pies Starts With Bakery Labels

By Ian Renton | Bakery Labels, Food Labels | 10 Apr 2017 |

Marketing Your Cakes And Pies Starts With Bakery Labels

Ian Renton  | 10/04/2017 | Bakery Labels,Food Labels

Late last month, I had the opportunity to go to a local growers market in the Blue Mountains. This market only opens once a month so it was popular with lots of stands and visitors. Often, I pick up some organic fruit at these markets.

This time it was a small bakery store that caught my attention. This small business was selling a cherry cake and apple pie amongst other things. One of the things I like about these markets is that you get the opportunity to try before you buy. I was impressed with the cherry cake and I also picked up an apple pie. Now, I am pretty health conscious but I am partial to a nice dessert. I am also conscious that I need to eat less sugar.  Both the cake and the pie were Vegan products with organic ingredients and no refined carbohydrates inside them. They both tasted better than the products you get at some of the franchised cake shops and were surprisingly inexpensive. There was no doubt this business had great potential.

However, the most important point about marketing your business is that the marketing of your business is more important than the doing of your business.  This is why McDonald's is the most successful hamburger company in the world. It is not because no one produces better hamburgers. McDonald's is also successful at getting repeat business. If you sell low ticket items likes cakes and pies, then you had better have ways of getting repeat business.

The first mistake that this business did wrong was failing to include bakery labels.

I purchased a large cherry cake and a large apple pie and these items were not going to be consumed over one day. In fact, I had bought two items as I planned to share it with group of friends from my local church. The biggest advantage in using bakery labels over other types of product labels is that they are inexpensive. You don't need to use waterproof labels. You don't even need a protective laminate on your labels to protect your labels from spillage. Instead, all you need is a simple paper based permanent white gloss label that is needed for short term use.

Of course, you need to put some effort into your design which would include product details, your contact details and ideally some benefit of using your baked products.  Aesthetically pleasing custom bakery labels are important to add to the quality of your product. Black text on a white label is not sufficient in today's digital world where a four colour label is the same price as a label with black printing only.

More Marketing Ideas For Your Cakes And Pies

This business with the cherry cakes and apple pies made a second mistake. They did not have a website. A website adds to your business's credibility and provides a mechanism for repeat and referral sales as well as opportunities for future online marketing. One of the best ways of marketing your cakes and pies is to get others to sell them for you.

It is important to target the right businesses. Choose local independent businesses and also those that fit your philosophy.

For this business at the local growers market, it would be a restaurant that specialised in healthy food and even, vegan food. Always, search for your niche when selling anything. Definitely, use custom bakery labels to highlight your product as these restaurants and other food outlets will have many suppliers and your packaging must stand out. As your marketing becomes more successful, then you need to make sure that you are staying within the law.

The best advice I can give you here is to make sure your food labels are legal.

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