Aesthetically Pleasing Custom Bakery Labels Can Help Sell Your Goods

Bakery labels are useful for systemising the products you sell. However, they can also be an effective marketing tool to create interest in your brand of bakery goods. Whether it is a way to promote your logo, or used to describe the product the packaging contains, creating custom bakery labels is the ideal way to put your company name in front of your customer.

Creating a Professional Look

Using full colour labels containing two or more colours provides a professional look. Using creative designs, multiple colours and quality materials you can create labels that will promote your bakery masterpieces with the pride they deserve. Quality packaging can display your bakery goods while providing helpful information, including ingredients, weight and serving size.

Call to Action Labels

Many “eye-popping” bakery labels are attention-getting tags that help enhance the sale by promoting special pricing, flavours or in-store specials. Many of these call-to-action labels help push your products to the checkout, and can instantly identify calories, ingredients or suggested uses.

High End Labels

For a higher class of bakery items, bakers can label their products with gourmet styles of labelling materials. Using pressure sensitive adhesives, these labels can be designed specifically for cardboard application, or glass, stainless steel and even cellophane.

New advancements in printing technology offer customisable printing options that produce long-lasting durable labels. Advancements in digital technology means that these labels can be printed digitally and economically in short runs.

Retail Applications

Any prepared foods, including breads, cakes, desserts and snacks need to contain a nutrition label. With the available variety of styles and designs, many ingredients and nutritional facts can be printed in a non-obscured fashion so as not to diminish from the creative design of the label.

With the ability to provide instant information, along with the flavour and the size, bakery labels can detail all the data your customer seeks, without blocking the view of your delicious bakery goods.

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