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Label Printing For The Service Industry

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - Miscellaneous | 19 Sep 2017 |

Label Printing For The Service Industry

Ian Renton  | 19/09/2017 | Label Printing - Miscellaneous

Even though less than 10% of our orders involve label printing for the service industry, it is still an important marketing tool. If you are not using printed labels to advertise your business, then you could be missing out. When you get product labels you are aiming for two things.

Firstly, you want your label to attract buyers in a supermarket, at your store or on your website. Once a purchase is made, you still want your label to stand out and entice your customer to buy again by reading or at least remembering the label. It is a little different when organising label printing for the service industry, because as such you do not have your own product to sell. However, you may be selling or maintaining or repairing someone else's product.

Here are some examples of how you can label other company's products with your labels.

Get Your Printed Labels Onto Other Products

Our electrician buys labels from us to place on the switchboard when they go into their customers homes. This company is actually even more clever than that. They also organise some business associates including a building inspector to place their labels onto switchboards.

As I sit at my desk and write this blog, I can also notice three labels on my computer. One is from the manufacturer, another is from a software company and a third label looks like it is an internal identification. It would also be appropriate for my IT company to have their label on the computer. If you are in the field of repairs and maintenance, then you are really missing out on repeat and referral business if you do not put your label onto the product you are maintaining and repairing. This may be appropriate for air conditioning companies, plumbers, those fixing white goods and other items found inside a business or home.

As you can see, label printing is not just for businesses selling products. There is a great opportunity for businesses to sell their services by printing a label that advertises your business every day of the year.

Choose The Right Label Printing Material

OK, so you've decided to market your services through printed labels. It is now essential that you choose the right label printing material. Your biggest enemy is ultra-violet light. Without some form of protection on the label, the colours and printing on your label will gradually become illegible. You need lamination to protect the labels.

Your second concern should be the durability of your labels. Since you want your labels to last a long time, we recommend a synthetic label with a gloss or matt laminate. Such a combination will provide both durability and protection for your printing. If your labels are for outdoor use, a synthetic label is still sufficient but another option is vinyl labels.

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