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Label Printing at Christmas Time

By Ian Renton | Bottle Labels, Event Labels | 21 Nov 2018 |

Label Printing at Christmas Time

Ian Renton  | 21/11/2018 | Bottle Labels,Event Labels

When it comes to label printing at Christmas time, our biggest challenge is to keep up with all of the orders before we close for a few days from December 21. It is only a short break as we will be back on January 2. However, many of our clients will still be selling their products during the Christmas period so it is our job to see that that we assist them with the labelling of their products so they are ready to maximise their sales at Christmas time.

Most of the label printing we do is of a commercial nature but we do take pleasure in creating labels for events. It might be a wedding, a corporate function or some other reason to celebrate. Labels are also used on gifts and also to announce your closing dates over Christmas or simply to wish your clients and others a Merry Christmas. If you want to use custom labels for your next event, then we can provide high quality labels and save you some money at the same time.

When we print labels for commercial use, then the print runs are usually longer and it is vital to have the right label material types because your label is what helps to generate repeat sales. It must be suitable to survive the conditions under which it will be placed, i.e. cold temperatures, hot temperatures, exposure to liquids and in some cases the weather.

Bottle Labels For An Event

When it comes to bottle labels for an event, then up till a couple of years ago, this predominantly meant wine labels. However, today we are getting almost as many requests for label printing on bottled water.  

For example, I was at funeral earlier in the year and personalised bottled water with the funeral details on them was provided for all of the guests. With bottle labels, the label material type provides more flexibility for a one off event. This is primarily because it is expected that the bottle of water or wine or something else will be consumed immediately and not kept for long term use.

When wine, water and other beverages are sold commercially, then our recommendation is to use a synthetic label with a varnish or laminate. The synthetic label has a strong adhesive and will remain stuck to the bottle even if liquids seep onto the label. The laminate or varnish coating also protects the printing from cold conditions and preserves the label over the long term.

For one off events, then a WLK202 stock is suitable because it can withstand cold conditions including icy water in the short term. It comes on A4 sheets and hence, it is ideal for short runs and short term use.

Christmas Stickers

Christmas stickers can be used to wish your client a Merry Christmas, collect money from them before Christmas, advise them of your Christmas closing dates or to label Christmas presents.  Our most popular personalised Christmas closedown sticker is shown below. This Christmas sticker is initially printed on a roll and then the personalised black text is printed by a thermal transfer printer.

You are welcome to get in touch with us at Renton's Labels for all of your label printing needs this Christmas. Call us on 9160 4511 or email info@rentonslabels.com.au.

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