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Boost Your Sales with Enhanced Designs for Printed Labels

By Ian Renton | Label Design Tips | 13 Jun 2014 |

Increase Your Sales By Having Better Designs For Your Printed Labels

Ian Renton  | 13/06/2014 | Label Design Tips

There is a definite link between the sale of a product and the way it is marketed. And an important part of marketing is the printed label. Understanding the direct link between sales and beautifully designed and beautifully printed labels gets you on the right foot to increasing sales. But there are a number of points you need to consider. You would do well to work on each of the following items:

  • get the right container
  • get the right designer
  • get the right message
  • get the right colours
  • get the right printer

Whatever you are selling it needs to be packaged. And before you even think about the type of printed label you will create and attach to your merchandise, you need to think about the actual packaging. Is it appropriate for what's inside? Is it cost effective to produce? Is it in keeping with the image of your company? And is it easy to attach a printed label if required to this container?

It's fair to say this is the first step in your campaign to increase your sales through better designed printed labels. Get the container right. You will most likely have lots of ideas about the design of your printed label. You may even be a dab hand at producing a good design. But you need to remember that you are doing what you are doing in your business because that's what you do best. The graphic designers in the label printing industry do these particular jobs because that's what they do best.

If you genuinely want to increase sales, then a modest investment in a professional designer could make all the difference. And following on from having a professional designer, comes the choice of message for your product. In marketing and advertising, the choice of words is vital. Fewer words are always better but so too are the right words which are memorable and which effectively stimulate interest in your product. Then, we come to the eye appeal.

The design obviously includes the wording in the layout but also the colour. The choice of colour or colours can be super effective in catching the eye of potential customers. A skilled designer will be able to help you and choose the best colours for your printed labels. Of course, you will also be governed by the colours of your logo and brand.

The final step is to choose the right label printing company as you want your product labels to be of the highest quality possible and to protect your margin, you also need to be getting your printed labels at the right price. Business is competitive so a lower unit price is important to protect your margins but never compromise on quality as you must products must always be shown in the best possible light. Your preferred label printer will also be able to choose the right stock for your labels.

Remember that the better the design of your printed label, the better your chances of increasing sales.

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