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Impress Everyone With Your Event Labels

By Ian Renton | Event Labels | 23 Oct 2018 |

Impress Everyone With Your Event Labels

Ian Renton  | 23/10/2018 | Event Labels

It is important to try and impress everyone with your event labels. NFL coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi, was famous for many things. One of his lesser known quotes is this. "You don't do something right once in a while. You do it right all of the time."

Vince Lombardi was referring to his players but this phrase can also apply to business and even your next event. Many events are annual whilst some are weekly. In many circumstances, you are going to need well designed and high quality event labels. For an event to be a success, you need to plan well ahead. I have visited many weekend markets in recent years and those businesses with well printed product labels really do stand out. Labels with details in texta are not that impressive.

There are many trade shows and annual events when members from a particular industry get to showcase their products and services. It is important to put your best foot forward so you can impress everyone with your event labels. Several months ago, I went to the Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo at Rosehill in western Sydney. It was great to catch up with some of our customers at this event and I know that their product labels were of the highest quality.

Custom Labels For Your Next Event

I can recall a time when digital label printing was in its infancy. My brother, Peter, got married in 2004 and he had recently taken possession of a new label press. When we got to the wedding reception, Peter had a picture of his bride and himself on a water bottle label. These labels on the water bottles made for very effective event labels.

You too can use custom labels for your next event to impress your guests.

Labels for bottled water are actually becoming more popular. They were present at a recent funeral I attended. However, the biggest use of event labels is definitely personalised wine labels. These are most common at corporate events, especially during the celebration of an important milestone. You can purchase cleanskin bottles of wine. Always ensure that the bottles are completely clean and dry before the labels are applied.

There are only two months till Christmas now so thoughts may wander towards Christmas parties. You can use custom labels at Christmas time in several ways. The most obvious way is to label gifts such as Christmas hampers, Christmas puddings or other gifts for staff and clients. If you go to the trouble to send a gift, you should ensure the labelling is done properly. If you are mailing statements, invoices, parcels or other items in November or December, then an inexpensive addition is a Christmas sticker. I recommend you use our range of Christmas closedown stickers to let your clients know when you are closing over Christmas.

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