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It Is Important To Test Your Product Labels

By Ian Renton | Product Labels | 12 Feb 2018 |

It Is Important To Test Your Product Labels

Ian Renton  | 12/02/2018 | Product Labels

When you are getting labels printed for the first time or are changing stocks, it is important to test your product labels to ensure your labels stick firmly under the conditions you expect them to be used. Below are several scenarios that might apply to your labels.

  • Test your wine labels in ice to ensure the label does not get damaged.
  • Allow honey or jam to seep onto your labels and examine the effect.
  • Put your shampoo label in the shower.
  • Place your label on top of other printing to ensure the background printing is invisible.
  • Wrap a small lip balm label around your tube to confirm the label fits and stays adhered to the plastic.
  • Put your egg labels or bottle labels in the fridge.
  • Place your label on your food container and leave your container in the freezer.
  • Heat your food in the microwave with your label on your container.

These are all stringent tests but they should be carried out to test the effectiveness of the product label and especially the stock you have chosen. Don't just place the label on your container for a few minutes. In some cases such as with freezer labels, the label should remain on the product for several days to be sure you are happy with the result.

Another thing we do at Renton's Labels that other label printing companies cannot or will not do is to allow for very small test runs with the actual printed labels. Such an option at a significantly reduced price for you is dependent on the specific product labels that you need. We understand the balance between the need to get the labels right the first time and the importance of keeping your costs down so that the costs of production including packaging and labelling are low enough for you to sell your products profitably.

As a student of marketing myself, I test and test and test again so that my marketing continues to improve and bring in better results for my company. You do not have that luxury with your product labels. We want to to help you get your labels printed right the first time.

Your Product Labels Must Have The Right Label Stock

The best way to test your product labels is to request some free sample of the label material you intend to use. Before making this choice, please contact us. You can also request samples of different label materials.

An even better way to test your products is to send us your bottle, tube, jar or plastic container and we will test the label stocks for you. Over the years, we have come across many situations so we have become experts at printing product labels for unusually shaped containers. On this blog post from August 2017, you can see an example of a tapered cylindrical container which seemingly needed a rectangular label. This would have appeared uneven on the container so the sides had to be slanted to the outside and the top and bottom of the label were curved.

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