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How To Minimise Anxiety Around Product Labels

By Ian Renton | Egg Labels | 3 Jun 2020 |

How To Minimise Anxiety Around Product Labels

Ian Renton  | 03/06/2020 | Egg Labels

We strongly believe we can show you how to minimise anxiety around product labels. You have developed your products, sourced your containers and now it is time to get professionally printed labels. Maybe you have been buying stock from Office Works and running the labels off your $100 laser printer. Well, it is time to do better.

The advantage of getting your product labels printed on state of the art digital label printing equipment is that you can now compete with big companies. Your products can stand out on the shelf and compete favourably with larger brands. However, you need to make wise choices. You don't want to buy your product labels from a printing company that does not specialise in label printing. That would be courting disaster.

There are seven ways to choose your preferred label printing company Often, you will not know if you have made the correct choice until after the event.

What you need is preliminary research. All label companies will claim to do a good job but it is wise to see what others say about their company. Check out their Google reviews and testimonials. I am always wary about ordering from online only companies. This is OK if the purchase is small but your product labels will cost you hundreds of dollars and possibly thousands so it is best to call the company.

Get some free advice, especially in relation to the stock used as this is where most problems occur in product label printing. Cheaper is not better if what you order does not stick to your container and you have to throw out your labels. It is best to get it right the first time. For first time buyers, we always recommend getting samples to test on your products. Order your containers before you get your product labels. Then, test the labels under real conditions. For example, spill your product on the labels, expose your labels to moisture or water and put your container with your label in the fridge or freezer if this is relevant. Always, adhere your labels to a clean surface. Uneven or rough surfaces can be problematical.

One product that can experience problems is egg carton labels. Often, we recommend a paper label with a laminate or varnish coating since the egg carton labels are for short term use.  The problem occurs with the rough surface. When sending sample labels for egg cartons, we always send a paper label with a laminate or varnish coating as well as a synthetic label (synlite is our preferred brand due to its strong adhesive) with a varnish coating. The stronger adhesive that the synlite synthetic stock offers makes it very unlikely to come off the egg carton. The varnish is slightly thinner than the laminate so that is sometimes a better option too.

OK, youve tested your samples so what is next. If you really want that extra assurance, you have the option of the pre-production run. However, this is not free. We charge $250 + GST. Its primary purpose is to test your colours. Keep in mind that the colours on your product labels are likely to vary from one digital label printing machine to another. This is the value of testing and pre-production runs can also be useful when rebranding or changing suppliers.

When buying product labels in Australia, you are protected by the Sale of Goods Act and the Fair Trading Act. However, it is unwise to rely on these legal protections. This is because, when it comes to product labels, the onus is at least partly on you as the buyer to choose wisely. This is because the label printing company cannot guarantee that the label will be suitable in all situations. Things that affect the performance of your labels include the surface to which the labels are adhered to, where they are stored (a cool place with low levels of humidity is recommended) and the environment to which your labels are exposed to. Hence, it is always wise to choose a label printing company such as ours that has a money back guarantee. That will help put your mind at ease and should minimise your anxiety around product labels.    

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