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Optimal Bottles & Labels for Your Products

By Ian Renton | Bottle Labels | 23 Mar 2018 |

How to Get The Best Bottles and Bottle Labels For Your Products

Ian Renton  | 23/03/2018 | Bottle Labels

Before you can sell a single beverage, cosmetic item or other product kept in a bottle, you must know how to get the best bottles and best bottle labels for your products. In other words, the packaging has to be right.

As a label printing specialist, we actually recommend you get the bottles or other containers before you get your labels. We do not provide bottles but many of our clients get their bottles from Plasdene. This is a good starting point if you are organising bottles for the first time or if you want to increase the volumes of the products you are selling. Before launching a new product, it is recommended that you get your bottles or other containers first.

Not all bottles are the same and they can react differently to the adhesive on the labels. For example, a bottle with a slightly rougher surface needs a label with a stronger adhesive to ensure it sticks to the surface. Allow yourself plenty of time before going to market with your new bottled product. Also, to allow us to do an accurate quotation for your bottle labels, it important to know the exact size of the labels and the size depends on two things.

Firstly, you need the actual dimensions of the bottle and you need to have artwork ready or at the very least the information and images that are to go on your label. Bottle Labels Should Be Tested Thoroughly It is important to test your product labels under real conditions. This means more than just placing the label on your bottle and checking it still stays on after an hour. To really test your bottle labels thoroughly, you need to give them a proper test.

To ensure your test is accurate, the bottle needs to be completely clean. If it isn't, then the testing process is likely to produce inaccurate results. Here are some things you can do:

  • Put your bottle of wine in ice and leave it for a few hours. If your label begins to disintegrate, then you have chosen the wrong label stock.
  • Put your water bottle in the fridge for a few days and check that your label can withstand cold temperatures.
  • Deliberately spill olive oil over your olive oil label and confirm that the printing is still crisp and clear and also the label is still firmly adhered to your bottle. This is the same if you have Essential Oils or other similar cosmetics you're labelling. 
  • For a bottle of chemicals, leave the bottle outside and expose your label to sun, wind and rain and see if the label can handle harsh weather conditions.

Of course, none of this testing is done randomly. If you choose an experienced label printing company like Renton's Labels, then you will receive advice as to the appropriate label stock.

In essence, the testing process is a confirmation process but it is worth doing to ensure you have the right labels for your purpose. It is our job as a label printing expert to recommend the best label material. This includes both the stock used and the finish which is typically a laminate or varnish and can be matt or gloss. Then, you can receive the right stock at the right price for your bottle labels.

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