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By Ian Renton | Label Printing - General Knowledge, Product Labels | 17 Apr 2019 |

Five Ways To Ensure Your Product Labels Actually Stick To Your Product

Ian Renton  | 17/04/2019 | Label Printing - General Knowledge,Product Labels

This week, I want to list five ways to ensure your product labels actually stick to your product. I have done this because problems can be avoided before you even order your product labels. It is not always the fault of your label printing company if your labels are not sticking to your product. There are several things to take into account. These include the conditions under which the labels will be subject to, testing and storage.

When it comes to getting the best product labels for your business, then it is important to recognise the pitfalls of DIY label printing. That is something that should be abandoned as quickly as possible. Many labels are printed on million dollar machines so it is important to recognise that you need a professional label printing company to help you.

If you are printing product labels for the first time, then don't just send your artwork by email and hope for the best. Seek out advice from your label printing company especially in relation to getting the right stock for your label. Getting your product labels to stick to your product is not automatic.

It is important to study the five ways below which will ensure your labels actually stick to your product.

  1. Clean Surface. You cannot simply place your label onto a dirty surface and expect the label to stick to it. All printed labels today are self-adhesive. That means they stick right onto the surface without the need for moisture. Labels typically differ in three ways. The differences are in the level of adhesion, what the actual stock is made from and the thickness of the stock. The easiest surface to stick a label onto is paper so paper labels are generally recommended here. One of the hardest places to stick a label is a frozen surface. If you are selling frozen food and the labels must be applied after freezing, then a very strong adhesive is needed. We recommend a hotmelt or polywhite stock since its adhesive is very strong.
  1. Conditions. Your product labels may be exposed to different conditions. There are several different label printing materials available and this makes sense as products are exposed to different conditions. Chemical labels might be exposed to the elements. Shampoo labels might be exposed to water in the shower. Honey labels may be exposed to honey that spills onto the label and may seep underneath. Other labels may be subject to refrigeration, the dishwasher, the microwave or other conditions. There is a right label for almost all purposes.
  1. Testing. If you are ordering your product labels for the first time, then it is wise to test. Certainly, stick the labels onto your container but also test the label under conditions to which it is intended. This may include getting your labels wet or leaving in the fridge or freezer or dishwasher or out in the elements.
  1. Time and Durability. Sometimes a label can go onto the same surface but a different stock is needed. If you require wine labels for an event, then we can print these very economically on A4 sheets because the labels really only need to last for one event. However, if you were to sell wine for commercial use, then that wine may be kept for years or possibly decades so your stock must have a strong and durable adhesive.
  1. Storage. A label printing company can advise you about storage but cannot be responsible for how the label is stored. That is up to you. Product labels should be stored in a cool place with low humidity. Do not store the labels in a hot warehouse or outdoors.

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