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Faster Label Printing Available With Our New Surepress

By Ian Renton | Digital Label Printing, Label Printing Processes | 22 Jan 2019 |

Faster Label Printing Available With The Epson Surepress

Ian Renton  | 22/01/2019 | Digital Label Printing,Label Printing Processes

This year, we will have faster label printing available with the delivery of the Epson Surepress L-4533AW.  Since the great majority of our printing is for product labels, the demand for faster label printing and high quality product labels meant that this Epson Surepress machine was the most appropriate choice for our business.

This machine was only delivered last week and its sheer size made for a challenging delivery. You can refer to the pictures below. At one stage I counted 12 men supervising the delivery and installation. Firstly, there were staff from Epson including Forest from Japan. They employed Hi-Tech to deliver the machine. Hi-Tech then hired Lencrow Materials Handling to use their powerful forklift which was needed to lift nearly two tonnes of machinery. We engaged Hire A Hubby to ensure the machine could get through our doors and into the correct space on the warehouse floor. After, it finally made it into its required place, then it was time to put the hinges back on the doors. Our warehouse is fully air-conditioned and also does not have the high clearance that other warehouses typically have so it made for a challenging delivery. The benefits of the Epson Surepress L-4533AW to you include:

  1. Faster Turnaround. Your labels will be printed digitally so there is no need for plates, film and other expensive setup costs. Our turnaround times are 1-10 days but it means that faster label printing is more likely now.  
  2. Colour Matching. This machine has a full colour gamut. It has CMYK as all digital machines have but this machine also has green, orange and white as extra colours so we can very closely match the colours produced on other label printing machines.  
  3. High Quality. We believe we always print high quality product labels but this machine is step up from the other labels you would have received from us in the past.  
  4. More Label Material Options. We can print on paper stocks, synthetic stocks, clear labels and other label material types on this Epson Surepress machine.
Faster Label Printing Is Assisted With The Recent Delivery Of The iTech CentraHS Digital Finishing System

When your labels come off the press, they need to be finished so faster label printing is assisted with the recent delivery of the iTech CentraHS Digital Finishing System. If your order is large or requires machine application, then we can still die-cut your labels but a less expensive and faster option is to digitally cut them. Our investment in the iTech CentraHS Digital Finishing System gives you three benefits:

  1. Faster Turnaround. It is no use printing your labels in one day if it takes two weeks to finish them. This process of digitally cutting your labels increases the speed of finalising your product labels and getting them delivered to your office or warehouse.  
  2. Lower Prices. If a job is easier to do, then this will be reflected in lower prices. This is especially true for this finishing system.  
  3. Unusual Sizes. Not all labels are rectangular or circular. You may want a shape that is not standard and really do not wish to go to the expense of getting a new die for an unusual shape. If your print run is not too large, then this machine can assist with faster label printing and save you money at the same time. Also, you can use custom shaped product labels to sell more of your products.

If faster label printing and high quality are important to you, then you can get in touch with us at Renton's Labels. Call 1-800 736 861 or email us at info@rentonslabels.com.au.

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