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Custom Labels At Christmas Time

By Ian Renton | Label Printing - Miscellaneous | 10 Oct 2017 |

Custom Labels At Christmas Time

Ian Renton  | 10/10/2017 | Label Printing - Miscellaneous

Custom Labels at Christmas time is possible today because of the advent of digital label printing technology. It is easier today than ever before to produce custom labels for specific or short-term use. No longer do you need to produce many thousands of labels to get a satisfactory unit price.

For many businesses, this final quarter of the year in the leadup to Christmas is the busiest and most profitable of the year. Which industries would need custom labels at Christmas time? The obvious answer is that we all do as most businesses in Australia are open in the lead-up to Christmas. Those industries that sell products predominantly at Christmas time may need product labels in order to sell their products.

Here are five products where a specialised product label may be needed.

  1. Christmas hampers Hamper companies do operate all year round but the majority of their sales come in the leadup to Christmas.
  2. Christmas puddings Despite being a food ideally consumed in winter, Australians still purchase Christmas puddings by the truckload to match the traditions of the northern hemisphere. Custom labels are frequently seen on the outside of this packaging.
  3. Mince tarts These are also sold at Christmas time. In fact, very few bakeries actually bake mince tarts at other times of the year. Custom labels are still used here but more commonly the mince tarts come in a cardboard container.
  4. Christmas decorations It is rare for the actual Christmas tree to require any labelling but the baubles and other decorations that go on the tree will need some form of labelling.
  5. Christmas closedown Many businesses will advise their clients of their closing dates by email. However, any written communication such as packages or invoices or statements could easily be highlighted by a personalised Christmas closedown sticker.


Custom Labels For Your Christmas Event

For most of us in the western world, we think of Christmas as a time for Christmas parties and exchanging gifts. For many of us, it is a time to go to church and remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas cards will be exchanged and families will get together, sometimes for the only time that year. Christmas is celebrated by many on Christmas Day, but for those in the corporate world, it is the leadup that is important.

Christmas is also a time for thanksgiving. Many of our clients will be recognised with gifts. Alcohol is a common gift at Christmas time. If you do send a bottle of wine, why not help your customers to remember this gift as you can use customised wine labels when sending wine as a Christmas present.

I am also a great believer in using to-from stickers to put on Christmas presents. These can be used when exchanging gifts at a staff Christmas party or at a small family gathering at Christmas time. Custom labels at Christmas time are important for products and events but you could also use them to label gifts. Christmas will come around sooner than you think so it is time to prepare. Some clients as well as staff will be invited to Christmas parties.

Custom labels can be used to make your Christmas event even more memorable.

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