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Checking Your Options For Bottle Labels

By Ian Renton | Bottle Labels, Event Labels, Label Stocks, Labelling Laws | 30 Sep 2016 |

Checking Your Options For Bottle Labels

Ian Renton  | 30/09/2016 | Bottle Labels,Event Labels,Label Stocks,Labelling Laws

As there are so many products that are stored in bottles, there is a big demand for bottle labels. It is not just drinks that are stored in bottles. As well as wine, beer, soft drink, water and juice, bottles are also used for olive oil, other oil based products, shampoo and other cosmetic products.

The first place to start when planning labels for your bottles is the law. This relates to the ingredients that go into a bottle, especially in relation to alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits. The exact alcohol content is important for your consumers to know and the following link explains your legal requirements. https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/code/userguide/Documents/Guide%20to%20Labelling%20of%20Alcoholic%20Beverages.pdf

If you require labels for shampoo or other cosmetic products, then firstly, you need to refer to this government website to ensure your labels will be compliant. https://www.productsafety.gov.au/standards/cosmetics-ingredients-labelling For example, the ingredients in your cosmetics should be listed in descending order in relation to mass or volume.

The Right Label Material For Your Bottle Labels

Label printing brings up lots of options for the most appropriate label material for you to use for your intended purpose. At Renton's Labels, we service two types of label printing customers. The first group consists of established or growing businesses that want to get their products to markets, be that supermarkets, online sales or another physical market.

For these businesses, there really is no room to compromise on the specific label material that is best suited to the product you are selling. The savings come in terms of volume discounts. We recommend a synthetic label with a gloss or matt laminate for most products stored in bottles that will be subjected to long periods of time in either the fridge or freezer or in an ice bucket. The synthetic stock is much stronger than a paper based stock as it does not absorb fluids or moisture. The laminate is a clear overlay and it has the effect of sealing in the printing so the printing does not smudge or become illegible.

Instead of a laminate covering, a varnish is a sensible alternative. The varnish is a clear liquid on top of the printing so this also has the effect of protecting the printing. This is important as water or other liquids or ice are often exposed to your bottle labels. The varnishing is also preferred by bottling companies that will apply our labels by machine instead of by hand. The varnish is less stiff than a laminate and hence is easier to machine apply.

Bottle labels are also used for non-commercial enterprises such as weddings. I went to my brother's wedding in 2004 and he had personalised water bottle labels. We recommend you use event labels to spice up your events.

As well as weddings, you can use labels on bottles of wine for corporate events or as gifts for clients. Also, startup businesses may simply want samples and for these purposes or for promotional purposes we recommend saving a bit of money and using a Datapol label stock. These labels are provided on A4 sheets but are still water resistant due to the special adhesive used. These labels cannot be laminated or varnished but are still suitable for dipping in ice or storing in a refrigerator short term.

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