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Elevate Product Presentation: Clear Labels, White Ink

By Ian Renton | Clear Labels | 1 Jun 2016 |

Elevate Product Presentation: Clear Labels, White Ink

Ian Renton  | 01/06/2016 | Clear Labels

When you walk through the cosmetics and skincare section of your local chemist or supermarket, you have probably noticed many cans and tubes and other containers. It seems as though the product description is printed directly onto the containers. Occasionally, that is true as it is possible to print directly onto cans, tubes and other containers. However, in most circumstances, there is a label applied to the container.

Often, the manufacturer will want the label to mix in with the actual container. One way is to make the label the same colour as the container. This is fairly easy to do if the container is white. However, often glass or other transparent containers are preferred so that the end user can actually see the contents inside. Clear labels are an effective way of highlighting the text and graphics and images on the label rather than see a difference in colour between the label and the container.

Clear labels actually blend into the container or jar or bottle containing the product so it looks like there isn't a label at all. It can be a cost effective alternative to printing directly onto your container. In most cases, printing directly onto the container is more expensive than printing directly onto a label.

However, when using product labels instead of directly printing onto the container, then you will incur some additional labour costs even if the label is machine applied. A clear container or bottle may highlight the product's contents. This can be used as a visual selling point by emphasising the uniqueness of the contents.

Clear labels can be used for food product packaging, glass candle jars, wine bottles or promotional gifts. It is very important to choose the correct printing options when using clear label stocks. The colour of your container or bottle and contents combined with the incorrect printing can actually create an undesirable effect.

If the inks are translucent, they can lose their vibrant look and may even appear to be a different colour and can make important information difficult to read. This is where white under printing comes into play. White ink can be printed behind the areas of your design where you don't want the colour to be transparent. White ink adds a sort of barrier that prevents the colour of your container or bottle or contents from showing through and mixing with your design.

The original colours of your design are preserved and are vibrant and opaque. Printing white ink just by itself in some areas of the label also makes your design really stand out against dark surfaces and produces a unique look. If you sell a premium product, your label needs to reflect that. Wine is one such product. You could not sell a bottle of wine for over $1,000 with a cheap and poorly designed label. So, what wine labels are available? You literally have endless choices. The example shows the classy effect of white ink being printed onto a clear label.

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