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5 Tips To Get The Very Best Food Labels

By Ian Renton | Food Labels | 5 Dec 2017 |

5 Tips To Get The Very Best Food Labels

Ian Renton  | 05/12/2017 | Food Labels

To get the very best food labels, there are several things you need. Before you plan your design or marketing or sales tactics, you need to make sure your food labels are legal. Then, decide the purpose of your labels so you use the right label material. Here are five tips to help you on your journey of selling more of your food products:

  1. Comply with the Food Standards Code. Many of them are obvious but your labels act as a sales tool by confirming to your customer that your food is not only tasty and nutritious but importantly safe to consume. This means include the following on your food labels: a) The actual food being sold b) The name and address of the supplier c) List of ingredients and nutritional information d) Use by and other relevant dates e) Directions for storage f) Country of origin
  1. Choose the correct label material type in terms of where the label is being stuck, what it will be exposed to and how long will it need to last. As a general rule of thumb, a synthetic label with a laminate is suitable for products such as jam and olive oil where the use is for the short to medium term and the product may be refrigerated but the label may also come in contact with the actual product. Note that both freezer and microwave labels need a special stock
  1. Get your container and then the right size and shape of your labels to match that container. Obviously, larger labels are dearer than smaller ones. However, it is important to have enough information to ensure your labels are legally compliant and then you need to attract the attention of your target market.
  1. Your food labels should educate and sell so you can attract the attention of your target market which may be visiting a large shop, your stall at a local market or your website. This means you need a compelling headline, customer benefits including why your customer should use your food instead of your competitor's food product.
  1. Use an expert graphic designer. The last thing you want is a poorly designed label. Your graphic designer will be able to advise you on uses of images, colour and fonts. If you do not have a graphic designer, just contact Renton's Labels who are experts at designing food labels that will be print ready and will help you to sell more of your food products.

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